Lexxic Champions Neurodiversity: Honoring Diverse Minds this October and Always

Lexxic, a leading neurodiversity consultancy, is dedicated to promoting neurodiversity in the workplace. Throughout October, they are hosting a series of engaging events and panel discussions aligned with key awareness dates in the month.

Lexxic is proud to collaborate with the Business Disability Forum for a special panel discussion that took place on October 4th at 1 pm (BST) to mark Dyslexia Awareness Week (2nd – 8th October). Titled “Celebrating the Diversity of Dyslexic Minds,” this event featured panelists from various professions, roles, and backgrounds sharing their unique strengths and experiences as dyslexic individuals in the workplace. The discussion, chaired by Helen Musgrove, Director of Psychological Consulting at Lexxic, and co-chaired by Lucy Ruck, Taskforce Manager at Business Disability Forum, explored ways in which employers can support and empower dyslexic employees.

To commemorate Dyspraxia Week (9th – 15th October), Lexxic hosted a free webinar titled “Dyspraxia (DCD): Support for Parents & Carers” on October 11th at 12 pm. This event focused on parents and carers of dyspraxic individuals, with a particular emphasis on supporting neurodivergent children. The webinar aligned with Dyspraxia Week’s 2023 theme of “Community and Connectedness – the experiences of dyspraxic people and parents/carers.” During this event, one of Lexxic’s expert business psychologists delved into topics such as what dyspraxia is, neurodifferences in children, the challenges they face, available support options, including assessments for dyspraxia, and more. A Q&A session was also included.

Wrapping up October, in recognition of ADHD Awareness Month, Lexxic is hosting a second panel discussion in partnership with the Business Disability Forum. Titled “Challenging Misconceptions and Embracing ADHD in the Workplace,” this event will take place on Tuesday, October 24th, at 12 pm. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Helen Musgrove, Adrian Ward, Head of Business Partnerships at Business Disability Forum (BDF), and five outstanding panellists as they celebrate the unique strengths and talents of individuals with ADHD while addressing and challenging common misconceptions. The panellists, representing a diverse range of professions, roles, and backgrounds, will also draw on their lived experiences with ADHD.

For further details and registration information, please visit the Lexxic neurodiversity events page.

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