INTO University Partnerships Enhances US Visa Success with PASS Programme

In response to the sustained demand among international students for US higher education, INTO University Partnerships is offering bespoke support through the US visa application process, particularly in regions where obtaining a visa is notoriously difficult.

The Pre-Arrival Success Services (PASS) programme, an initiative by INTO University Partnerships, is designed to offer comprehensive visa support and guidance to international students aspiring to study in the US. This service, offered at no cost to the students, aims to facilitate greater access to US educational opportunities. It has successfully assisted over 2000 students from countries such as India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan in securing their F-1 visas.

Setting itself apart from basic visa advice services, the PASS programme by INTO University Partnerships adopts a proactive approach, including simulated interview experiences guided by seasoned advisors. The initiative encompasses one-to-one mock interview sessions, interactive workshops, and virtual webinars, thoroughly covering the visa application journey.

Jacquie Serr, Vice President of Enrolment at INTO University Partnerships, emphasised the importance of personalised support: “When it comes to a students’ enrolment journey, it is vital that we meet them where they are, offering support and services in areas of high stress. The US visa process and how decisions are made on an F-1 visa can be confusing for students and their families to navigate. What makes PASS different is that we take the time to work individually with students – each student, their goals and background are unique, and so is each 1:1 session our advisors have with students. Human interaction is important here, not just for visa success but for student success.”

Laura Nye, Manager of the PASS Programme, highlighted the programme’s main objective: “The US international student visa application and interview is a complicated and challenging process for many students. Our primary goal with the PASS program is to build students’ confidence throughout the visa process as they prepare to embark on their academic journey in the US.”

Introduced in 2020 to assist students from countries with lower visa approval rates, the PASS programme by INTO University Partnerships has evolved into a robust service, aiding hundreds of students. Participants in the programme are on average 50% more likely to secure a visa.

The PASS digital webinars cover a comprehensive range of topics, from F1 visa application to document review, culminating in a Q&A session for students to address their queries.

Laura Nye further elaborated: “Our program is designed to cover every aspect of the US visa process for students. We provide students with comprehensive information and the opportunity to address any concerns or questions they may have. We also facilitate connections with student experience teams at our partner universities and provide insights into campus resources. This ensures a smooth transition into university life, where students can leverage the available support.”

The PASS programme includes personalised mock interview sessions with US visa specialists from INTO University Partnerships, preparing students for their visa interviews by boosting their confidence and communication skills.

Emmanuel, a Nigerian graduate pathway student at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, shared his experience: “I booked the mock interview with INTO’s PASS team, and I am glad I did it. It helped me gain insights on the best approach to answering visa interview questions and prepared me for any turn of events. Naturally, I can be timid and reserved, so it’s normal for me to hold out on my answers but the PASS team helped me change my mentality to be more confident and explain my answers in a concise manner. Hopefully, more students can use this program because it is immensely beneficial.”

Muhammed, preparing for his master’s at Saint Louis University, recounted: “I was delighted to find out that I was granted a visa to the United States. I was initially concerned about my Visa interview, but then I discovered the PASS Event Department. Miss Laura Nye, the PASS manager personally prepared me for the interview. She cleared up all my inquiries and prepared me for it by performing mock interviews with me. For students who want to practice for the interview, I would highly recommend utilising INTO PASS.”

Pablo, an undergraduate pathway student at Oregon State University, commented: “Through INTO’s PASS program, I had many mock interviews which helped me understand how to approach the interview in a different way. The team gave me tips on what I should practice and helped me learn how to explain my strengths. I was still nervous on the day of my interview, but practising with PASS gave me more confidence, and I was so pleased to be approved for my visa. I think all students should speak with the PASS team before their first interview appointment, it is incredibly helpful.”

INTO University Partnerships’ innovative approach has been warmly received by partner universities in the US, aiding in the diversification of their campuses with talented international students.

Vince Milam from The University of Alabama and Oscar Del Rio from INTO Hofstra University both praised the significant impact of the PASS team on enhancing student confidence and success in visa interviews.

Since its foundation in 2005, INTO University Partnerships has facilitated over 150,000 students from 180 countries in achieving their academic ambitions through partnerships with leading universities in the US, UK, and Australia.

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