Innovative Greek Tuition Programme Launched by Edinburgh University Doctoral Student

Daniel Mikkelsen, a doctoral candidate at the prestigious University of Edinburgh, has introduced a groundbreaking educational programme aimed at transforming the study of the New Testament in its original Greek language. With a rich academic background and a personal narrative of overcoming dyslexia, Mikkelsen presents a novel method to engage learners with the New Testament texts.

Daniel’s journey into New Testament Greek spans nearly a decade, during which he has navigated the challenges of dyslexia to become proficient in reading and interpreting the sacred texts. Starting from the basics of Greek grammar, he now provides an extensive tutoring service designed to enable Christians from diverse backgrounds to discover the New Testament’s insights through personalised tuition.

His academic path has taken him from self-directed learning to obtaining a Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge and currently, undertaking doctoral research in New Testament studies at the University of Edinburgh.

NT Greek Tutoring, his tuition initiative, employs a comprehensive three-pronged strategy that encompasses grammar and morphology, a customised vocabulary system, and immediate engagement with the text – addressing a common obstacle in ancient language acquisition.

Mikkelsen’s goal is to demystify the New Testament’s original Greek complexities, offering learners the chance to experience the scriptures in their authentic context, free from translation constraints.

He states: “I believe that if I can achieve proficiency in New Testament Greek despite dyslexic difficulties, anyone can. My mission is to equip individuals with the tools they need to deepen their understanding of God’s word and enrich their spiritual journey.”

Daniel Mikkelsen has established a reputation for excellence within New Testament scholarship, evidenced by guest lectures at the University of Copenhagen, a presentation at the Durham Postgraduate Conference in 2022, leading a class on ‘Paul and his letters’ at the University of Edinburgh, and contributions to the respected Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift.

With a unique blend of New Testament scholarship and a dedication to tailored teaching, Daniel Mikkelsen’s tutoring stands out as a premier choice for those seeking to delve into Greek studies.

For those interested in beginning their New Testament Greek journey, further information can be found at

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