Houses of Parliament Hosts Launch of Revolutionary AI Educational Tool,

In the esteemed setting of the House of Lords, London, the AI Advancement Forum was initiated by Patrick Degg, the University of Surrey’s Vice President (Global), who stated, ‘AI can, and inescapably will, change the educational landscape.’ This marked the beginning of a significant day where world education leaders delved into the relationship between education and AI, culminating in the launch of, an innovative EdTech platform. Its CEO, Joey Lin, boldly declared, “Last December, students got ChatGPT; this December, teachers get”.

Joey Lin also compared the influence of generative AI on education to the historical transition from horses to cars, noting the adoption of their technology by multiple universities.

Max Lu, Surrey’s President and Vice Chancellor, also contributed, saying, “This (2023) is the year of AI. How are we going to push ourselves to measure, assessment and learning at a higher level?” His speech alluded to the significance of’s introduction. The forum hosted a range of distinguished speakers from academia, private, and public sectors, and attendees from prestigious universities and embassies worldwide., introduced by CEO Joey Lin, is a trailblazing AI tool for educational assessment, boasting consistent and precise student feedback. Its technology promises approximately 95% accuracy in comparison to human markers. Professor Yu Xiong, Surrey’s Associate Vice President and KEATH’s Managing Director, emphasised that KEATH’s technology is intended to support, not replace, human efforts.

Jon Howard, BBC’s Executive Product Manager, speculated on the future of education, highlighting the role of adaptive technologies and automatic grading.

The innovation was praised by Dr. Trevor Lee, a leading UK education advisor, who recognised’s potential to alleviate teachers’ marking burdens.

The Lord Taylor of Warwick spoke about the new era of AI and the importance of making AI accessible to all.

De Montfort University’s Vice-Chancellor Katie Normington and Michael Luck, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Sussex, discussed embracing AI in education and the importance of responsible governance.

As the AI Advancement Forum concluded, the spotlight remained on, poised to transform the educational landscape.

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