Eclipse Glasses USA Forms Alliance with Austin’s Leading K-12 School to Advocate for Secure Solar Eclipse Observation

Eclipse Glasses USA, a leading provider of ISO-certified eclipse viewing glasses, is thrilled to announce a pivotal partnership with a distinguished educational institution in Austin, Texas. This collaboration, part of Eclipse Glasses USA’s educational partnership programme, aims to enhance astronomical education and protect eye health by supplying 3,000 ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses at cost. This initiative ensures that over 3,000 pupils, teachers, and staff within the educational establishment will have the means to safely experience the wonder of the April 2024 total solar eclipse.

This joint effort highlights a shared commitment to enriching educational ventures and safeguarding community well-being. By facilitating safe engagement with this remarkable astronomical event, the partnership seeks to deepen the educational impact, fostering a profound appreciation for the wonders of the universe.

With the highly anticipated total solar eclipse in April 2024 on the horizon, ensuring viewer safety is of utmost importance. The ISO-certified eclipse glasses provided by Eclipse Glasses USA meet the highest safety standards, allowing viewers to safely partake in the event without compromising their vision.

“Eclipse Glasses USA is committed to supporting the educational community’s dedication to science education and the safety of their students and staff,” stated Roger Sarkis, owner of Eclipse Glasses USA. “This partnership reflects our dedication to making safe solar observation a possibility for all students.”

The collaboration between Eclipse Glasses USA and the Austin-based educational institution serves as a model for how businesses and educational communities can work together effectively to promote both educational enrichment and eye safety in anticipation of the April 2024 total solar eclipse.

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