Eclipse Glasses USA and Children’s Community School Unite to Safeguard Students During the Spectacular October 2023 Annular Eclipse

Eclipse Glasses USA, a prominent provider of  ISO certified eclipse glasses, proudly announces its partnership with the Children’s Community School, located in Van Nuys, California. Their collective goal is to ensure the safety of students, their families, and faculty members during the eagerly awaited October 2023 annular eclipse.

Dedicated to fostering secure eclipse observations, Eclipse Glasses USA has generously supplied Children’s Community School with specially priced ISO certified eclipse glasses. This impactful collaboration empowers the school’s students and educators to witness the eclipse spectacle without any compromise to their visual protection.

An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon positions itself between the Earth and the Sun, creating a captivating “ring of fire” effect. The October 2023 annular eclipse promises to be a remarkable astronomical event, and Children’s Community School acknowledges the educational significance of such a rare occurrence. By partnering with Eclipse Glasses USA, the school ensures its students can experience this natural wonder securely, with no concerns about potential eye damage.

Roger Sarkis, the owner of Eclipse Glasses USA and a university science educator, expressed enthusiasm about supporting Children’s Community School in their quest to offer an enriching and hands-on educational experience.

“As authorities in eye protection and eclipse-related science education, we comprehend the importance of allowing young minds to safely witness these celestial phenomena. Our ISO-certified eclipse glasses adhere to the highest eye safety standards, offering peace of mind to parents, educators, and students alike.”

The collaboration between Eclipse Glasses USA and Children’s Community School underscores the shared commitment of both entities to nurture a passion for science and learning among the upcoming generation. It also emphasises their joint vision of ensuring that students can responsibly participate in breathtaking celestial events with the appropriate safety measures in place.

Azizi Williams, Head of School at Children’s Community School, expressed gratitude for Eclipse Glasses USA’s generous contribution of their exceptional product to benefit their students and staff.

“Our educational philosophy revolves around hands-on learning and inquiry, making the forthcoming annular eclipse a unique educational opportunity. The safety of our students remains our utmost priority, and thanks to the donation of these ISO-certified eclipse glasses, we can now immerse our students confidently in this extraordinary celestial phenomenon.”

Eclipse Glasses USA encourages everyone to responsibly enjoy the October 2023 annular eclipse by using ISO-certified eclipse glasses, ensuring the highest level of protection against harmful solar radiation while savoring the breathtaking beauty of the event.

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