ADHD 360 Unveils Innovative ‘Neurodiversity in Schools Toolkit’ for Enhanced Learning

ADHD 360, in partnership with top educators and neurodiversity experts, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the ‘Neurodiversity in Schools Toolkit‘. Scheduled for release on May 1, 2024, this pioneering educational toolkit is designed to improve the educational experience for neurodiverse students across the UK.

The toolkit is built on the foundation that “Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed, especially those within often neglected neurodiverse groups” and offers effective strategies and insights. It incorporates the latest research and ADHD 360’s in-depth expertise in ADHD and autism to equip teachers, teaching assistants, and school leaders with the crucial tools and knowledge necessary for fostering an inclusive and enriching educational environment for all students.

Donna Sharkey, the project lead at ADHD 360, highlights the toolkit’s significance, stating: “Neurodiversity in the classroom is increasingly recognised but not always understood. Our toolkit offers a thorough approach to help educators unlock every student’s potential.”

Phil Anderton, Managing Director at ADHD 360, commented: “This toolkit is more than just resources; it’s part of a broader movement towards inclusive education, ensuring every child has the opportunity to succeed.”

Ben Johnson, a teacher from Horncastle, shared his excitement about the project: “This collaboration with ADHD 360 and our SEND team has been revolutionary. This toolkit will make participating schools a beacon for students with ADHD.”

ADHD 360 invites schools, educators, and parents throughout the UK to adopt this toolkit and join their mission to significantly enhance the educational journey of neurodiverse students.

For more information or to engage with the ‘Neurodiversity in Schools Toolkit’, please visit

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