Safeguard Your Digital Assets with Atato’s Web 3 MPC Wallets

“Singaporean blockchain service provider Atato enables ultimate security for your crypto tokens with its Web 3 multi-party computation (MPC) wallets and enterprise grade digital asset custody.”

The current crypto market scenario has taken a big hit and the digital assets are surrounded by critical security concerns. Hence, it is essential to enforce security measures that can help develop trust and encourage crypto industry growth. Safeguarding digital assets is possible with the unique MPC wallet solutions and advanced custody options created for web3 businesses by Atato.

MPC wallets have become a top security standard for protecting digital assets. Atato provides MPC wallets supported by MPC technology that surpass the market standards. These wallets can neutralize threats and hazards related to the old private key storage. The MPC technology can safeguard private key issues associated with cryptocurrencies and offer a tailored set of features for custodial wallets aligning with security demands concerning digital assets.

Established in 2018, Atato is ISO27001 certified and licensed. It is an institutional-grade MPC crypto custodian for all Web3 platforms, financial institutions, and corporations. The company’s digital wallets are known for their security measures as they operate as an audited and licensed crypto custodian and comply with the Singaporean regulatory framework. It ensures that their clients can protect their assets via an audited, trusted, and licensed platform. The platform’s regulatory compliance guarantees accountability and transparency in all operations, improving client confidence and trust.

The MPC wallet ensures ultimate convenience with compatibility with all ERC-20 tokens involving Bitcoins, Ethereum “EVM,” and more with just a click. The platform’s comprehensive solutions oversee digital assets across extensive blockchain ecosystems. Moreover, Atato also provides ultimate accessibility as users can access their crypto wallets using mobile apps and user-friendly integration, ensuring effortless monitoring. Users can use their dApps by connecting their wallets to any decentralized applications via Wallet Connect.

Atato’s custodial wallet explores solutions that meet the evolving requirements of the crypto community. The company is the first licensed crypto custodian to guarantee compliance, commitment, and best security practices. The platform’s custody accreditation features its dedication and trustworthiness as a custodial service for crypto assets.

The platform operates in a regulated environment as the first licensed and audited custodian with zero AUM fees and a Trust License under the Hong Kong Trust Ordinance. The company utilizes 3rd party audits for vetting and assuring clients of their security systems and business plans. The platform’s institutional-grade crypto custody and Web3 security solutions replace traditional software and hardware wallets, providing a 360 crypto custody service with mobile app support, customer service, and solutions for disaster recovery.

Atato guarantees security with bank-grade MPC, flexibility with one-click token support, and security with its Multi-Party Computation technology. The platform offers multiple plans for its clients per their budget and per-wallet model. They have Business, Professional, Enterprise, and Unicorn plans per team size and other advanced features ranging from $100 per month.

Atato’s MPC wallet offerings attract a diverse clientele that adheres to its reputation as a reliable and trusted platform for securing crypto assets. The security of the MPC Wallet is suitable for different client segments and offers solutions for unique requirements, ensuring business growth.

For more information on their Web 3 enterprise-grade digital asset custody services, visit the website today.

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