Ripple (XRP) Market Cap Could Hit $50 Billion This Month; Quant (QNT) and InQubeta (QUBE) Complete Top Cryptos Watchlist

There is ongoing speculation in the digital investment space that Ripple’s (XRP) market capitalization could hit $50 billion this November. This prediction likely stems from the increased transactional activity from its whales since the month started. In the same vein, Quant (QNT) and InQubeta (QUBE), which complete the list of top decentralized finance (DeFi) cryptocurrencies to watch, are showing bullish indicators.
The price of Quant has demonstrated stability and resilience over the last month. InQubeta’s ongoing blockchain ICOhas reached milestones with its clearly defined roadmap. The project allows interested investors to harness the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and blockchain investment.
The following sections explore the reasons behind the recent $50 billion market cap prediction of XRP this month and Quant and InQubeta coming up on the top crypto watchlist.
InQubeta (QUBE): Achieving Presale Milestones
As seen by a rise in the transactional activities of its native QUBE tokens, InQubeta’s presale has generated a frenzy among DeFi holders. More participants are joining this blockchain ICO, which is now part of the top crypto watchlist. InQubeta, in its 5th out of 10 presale stages, has sold more than 497 million tokens and raised over $4.8 million.
So far, only about 20% of the QUBE tokens allocated for this stage are left before the per-token price goes from 0.0161 USDT to 0.01925 USDT in the next stage. Potential investors can now invest before the price upticks to benefit from more appreciation. As one of the top DeFi projects, QUBE’s ongoing presale is an enticing prospect for investors seeking lucrative investment opportunities in the AI and DeFi sectors.
The InQubeta platform has had comprehensive audits and completed Know Your Customer (KYC) verification by Hacken and BlockAudit security companies, respectively. These processes are essential to instilling confidence in investors that their funds and information are safe. InQubeta’s security commitments to users have ranked it among the top DeFi projects.

Ripple (XRP) Market Cap: Witnesses a 45% Increase in 30 Days
Ripple, a leading project on the DeFi crypto list, guarantees quick and easy payments, enabling users to send money across borders. Over the last month, XRP has had an incredible breakout rally. The factors driving this rally include increased whale transactions, trading volumes, and social media dominance.
If the positive trend continues through November, XRP will gain more value. As per CoinMarketCap, Ripple’s market capitalization stands at over $36 billion, signifying a noteworthy 45% surge in the past month. This uptick has prompted the crypto community to envisage Ripple hitting a $50 billion market cap before this month’s end.

Quant (QNT): Connecting Various Blockchain Networks
Quant as a project aims to connect blockchains globally without affecting the efficiency and interoperability of the network. It achieves this goal through its Overledger operating system. This operating system lets developers build decentralized multi-chain applications for their customers by utilizing QNT tokens.
Over the past 30 days, QNT’s price, currently around $100, has climbed by more than 17%. The Quant price has only decreased by roughly 1% in the last year, indicating solid stability. Due to its favorable price movements, investors are closely watching Quant as a top crypto investment.

As the anticipation of Ripple’s market cap reaching $50 billion this month rises, the DeFi crypto list features Quant and InQubeta as they complete the top crypto watchlist. Quant, known for bridging the gap between blockchains, has displayed strong price stability over time. InQubeta, on the other hand, connects visionary investors with AI startups with the potential for value appreciation.
The earlier one purchases QUBE tokens, the greater the profits they can benefit from. To further increase the value of their investment, investors will also receive alluring bonuses when their tokens are airdropped at the end of the presale.

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