British Cryptocurrency Aficionado Touted as “Crypto Genius” Unveils Next Big Cryptocurrency Prediction for 2024

James McMahon, a revered figure in the cryptocurrency investment sphere and a former academic in mathematics from Manchester, UK, has disclosed his latest discovery in the cryptocurrency market. With a track record of making predictions that have significantly profited his followers, James has identified another digital currency poised for a monumental increase in value.

Previously, James had forecasted substantial growth for two lesser-known cryptocurrencies, Fantom and Ponyo Inu, predicting a 100-fold increase in their value. Remarkably, Fantom’s value skyrocketed by 692 times, while Ponyo Inu appreciated by 390 times within a fortnight.

Followers of James who acted on his advice experienced a swift escalation in their financial standing, with several attaining millionaire status and others opting for early retirement in their twenties and thirties.


A table showcasing the initial 26 cryptocurrencies James invested in during a live session on his YouTube channel “Crypto with James” illustrates the potential for immense profit. An investment of $100 in each of these coins at their release would have resulted in profits surpassing $123,000, a figure that can be corroborated by reviewing the historical uploads on his YouTube channel.

This impressive track record has propelled James to celebrity status within the cryptocurrency community, amassing over 56,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel over two years. The single father and ex-mathematics professor has become a crypto sensation.

James is set to reveal his latest prediction for a 100-fold increase in value exclusively on his subscription website, Copy My Crypto, which is nearing 4000 members. The platform serves as a comprehensive resource where James shares his entire cryptocurrency portfolio and provides real-time updates on his transactions, enabling subscribers to replicate his investment moves and thereby replicate his success.

Many subscribers, initially novices in the realm of cryptocurrency and investment strategies, have acknowledged the platform’s user-friendly approach that requires no prior expertise in the field.

Dean Wellington, a long-standing subscriber whose earnings from following James’s advice exceeded $800,000 by July 2023, likened the experience to having a knowledgeable elder sibling, stating, “Being a Copy My Crypto member is like having a big brother who knows what he’s doing. You don’t need to know a thing about crypto, or how to invest, as you simply copy what James does.”


James maintains a cautious yet optimistic outlook, reminding his followers, “I can’t guarantee any of what I do will work, but I’m fortunate to have had some success. I always urge new followers to read my site and see what I’ve done in the past. All my previous predictions are still on Youtube which makes them public record – so go verify everything.”

He further emphasizes the inclusive nature of his platform, adding, “The great thing about Copy My Crypto is it allows anybody to join and copy me, regardless of what they know about crypto. After all, you simply copy me.”

James is gearing up to disclose his latest cryptocurrency tip, anticipated to multiply in value by 100 times, in the upcoming days. He predicts an initial drop in the coin’s price and is waiting for the optimal moment to invest.

For those interested in emulating James’s investment strategy, membership to Copy My Crypto is currently available at a special anniversary rate of $1. This promotional offer is set to expire in four days or when membership reaches 4000, whichever comes first.

Prospective members should visit to take advantage of this limited-time offer, subject to availability.

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