Phoenix Building Systems Rolls Out Breeze Range, Simplifying Modular Building Purchases

In a significant stride towards simplifying the procurement of modular buildings, Phoenix Building Systems introduced the Breeze range in January 2024. This new line is specifically designed to ease the process for educational institutions and businesses in acquiring suitable modular buildings. The Breeze 1 range, in particular, offers an uncomplicated solution for UK schools to obtain high-grade modular classrooms directly from a reputable source.

Tailored to address the specific needs of the educational sector, the Breeze range ensures that schools can find modular solutions that are not only scalable but can also be adapted to multi-storey configurations effortlessly. The range also boasts a plethora of customisation options, allowing for a cohesive look with existing school buildings.

The corporate sector is catered to with the Breeze 2 range, which provides modular office spaces that embody flexibility and convenience, designed to meet diverse business requirements.

“Our modular classrooms have been tried and tested. The pre-designed, environmentally friendly, ready-to-order classroom buildings are fit for any school. This makes the buying process a BREEZE.” -Michael Taylor, Managing Director.

Phoenix Building Systems has also revamped its online presence with a newly designed website that enhances the customer journey through easy navigation and a richer display of content, including images and case studies. A unique augmented reality feature for the Breeze 1 classroom is accessible through a QR code on the website, allowing potential clients to virtually explore the space.

“Scanning the QR code gives you a real opportunity to immerse yourself in your new modular building and get a real feeling for it before you buy.” -Michael Taylor, Managing Director.

The launch of the Breeze range marks a pivotal moment in offering efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly modular solutions to the education and business sectors, underscoring Phoenix Building Systems’ commitment to service excellence.

Operating from Hull and serving clients nationwide since 2003, Phoenix Building Systems is a leading figure in the modular building industry, committed to delivering unparalleled service. The introduction of the Breeze range is a testament to their ongoing commitment to streamlining the delivery of premium modular buildings.

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