Neptunus Constructs Demountable Daikin Centre for the BBC Earth Experience

A groundbreaking immersive attraction in the heart of London has opened its doors to the public for the first time. The BBC Earth Experience offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the remarkable diversity of our seven extraordinary continents on an epic scale, featuring captivating narration by Sir David Attenborough. Moon Eye Productions, the producer, and ES Global Solutions, the main contractor, enlisted Neptunus to build the temporary structure to host this exceptional experience.

The BBC Earth Experience showcases awe-inspiring footage, including extended scenes that fully immerse visitors, accompanied by the mesmerising music from the television series “Seven Worlds, One Planet” produced by the BBC Studios Natural History Unit. The cutting-edge digital screen technology projects these captivating visuals onto multi-angle screens. Spanning across 1608m2, this new London attraction offers a truly transformative experience, transporting audiences of all ages to the wonders of the natural world.

The immersive experience takes place within The Daikin Centre, a sustainable and demountable building. Neptunus provided the ideal solution with their Evolution structure. The Evolution is a temporary building that can be rapidly constructed using insulated and soundproofed roof and wall panels, making it perfect for long-term events or studio setups. Neptunus completed the structure in December, equipping it with multiple multi-angle screens suspended from the roof and the latest digital screen technology to fully immerse visitors in the extraordinary diversity of the seven continents.

Ben Keast, Managing Director of Neptunus Structures, expressed his pride in providing the temporary structure for the BBC Earth Experience. The Evolution structure has proven to be the ideal space solution for such projects. Neptunus has previously deployed the Evolution multiple times in London for various applications, including the LTA cinch Championships and the Masterpiece Art Fair. However, this marks the first time the structure has been erected to a height of 15 meters in the heart of the city. The size, scale, and effectiveness of the building make it a perfect fit for this application, resulting in a fantastic outcome.

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