Elevate Site Safety with SafetySigns4Less’s Latest Correx Signage Range

Ensuring your construction site is adorned with safety signage is not merely a regulatory requirement but a vital measure for alerting both staff and visitors to potential risks. SafetySigns4Less is thrilled to announce its newest collection of Correx Signs, crafted to bolster safety and adherence to regulations on-site.

Crafted to meld durability with visibility, Correx Signs adhere to EN ISO 7010 standards, guaranteeing your site’s compliance whilst effectively broadcasting critical safety advisories.

The fresh array from SafetySigns4Less spans Multi-Message Construction signs, PPE Mandatory markers, and Hazard warnings, offering a comprehensive toolkit to safeguard your site. These signs are produced to impeccable standards, featuring vivid hues and lucid icons to ensure optimal visibility and understanding.

A standout feature of Correx Signs is their straightforward mounting process. These markers can be swiftly secured to fences or poles using cable ties, sidestepping the need for drilling or adhesive applications. This positions them as an ideal choice for transient safety signage, offering ease and flexibility on-site. Moreover, Correx Signs can be simply cleaned with a moist cloth, facilitating effortless upkeep and durability.

Nicola Moore, Marketing Manager at SafetySigns4Less, shared her enthusiasm:

“At SafetySigns4Less, we understand the importance of prioritising safety on construction sites. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new range of Correx Signs, designed to make safety compliance easier and more effective than ever before,” adding, “Whether you need to communicate construction hazards, enforce PPE requirements, or display essential safety information, our Correx Signs offer a durable and cost-effective solution.”

SafetySigns4Less is dedicated to simplifying access to affordable signage for the construction sector, ensuring compliance and augmenting site safety. The convenience and adaptability of Correx Signs, especially for temporary safety signage needs, underscore their utility. Committed to safety prioritisation, SafetySigns4Less continues to innovate, catering to the dynamic requirements of UK construction sites.

Discover the full selection of Correx Signs at SafetySigns4Less.

For further details on SafetySigns4Less and its array of safety signage solutions, visit www.safetysigns4less.co.uk.

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Position: Senior CX Manager
Company: Poole Bay Holdings Ltd

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