Dryklad: A Game-Changer in Rainscreen Cladding for the UK Construction Industry

In-Opera Facades Ltd. introduces Dryklad, a game-changing rainscreen cladding support system poised to revolutionise the UK construction industry. Dryklad is an ideal solution for architects, engineers, and construction professionals looking for efficient, cost-effective, and superior thermal alternatives to traditional cladding systems.

A Leap Forward in Construction Innovation

Dryklad features a unique combination of extruded aluminium brackets and A2 rated thermal isolator pads made from aerogel, significantly reducing insulation requirements in wall construction. This innovative approach can save up to 27% in project costs compared to existing support systems. Its lightweight yet robust design reduces the number of supports needed, resulting in lower material use and decreased overall project costs.

From the Founder’s Desk

Stephen Hull, the founder of Dryklad, explains: “Our innovative Dryklad Support system, meticulously developed and now available in the market, is a testament to our dedication to performance and value. Our commitment to excellence, underpinned by a strategic response to the Building Safety Act, reflects our team’s extensive experience in the cladding industry. We understand the importance of meeting regulatory standards while delivering the best value for all stakeholders. We’re delighted to launch the first website for this brand, offering rich product information and an easy route for our customers to connect with our specialists, enhancing safety, performance, and overall value in architectural projects.”

Targeting Construction Industry Experts

Dryklad is expressly designed for UK construction industry professionals, including architects, building consultants, façade specialists, and sustainability consultants, focusing on the specific requirements of large-scale construction projects involving rainscreen cladding.

Launch of Interactive Website with AI Assistant

Dryklad’s interactive website provides comprehensive product details, specifications, and images. A unique feature is the AI-powered assistant, designed to respond to user inquiries and improve the overall website experience. This launch marks a crucial development for Dryklad and In-Opera Facades Ltd.

Introductory Offer: Demonstrating Commitment to Customers

To coincide with the website launch, Dryklad introduces a promotional offer of 10% off on initial orders, in line with terms and conditions, showcasing its dedication to delivering outstanding value and service.

Dryklad’s Foundational Values

At its core, Dryklad is driven by values of excellence, growth, innovation, accountability, and responsibility, steering the company’s operations and product innovation.

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