BECOSAN® Commemorates Successful Conclusion of the UK’s Most Expansive Warehouse Renovation Project

BECOSAN®, a leading name in innovative concrete treatment solutions, proudly announces the triumphant culmination of an ambitious venture – the most significant strip-out, demolition, and refurbishment initiative in the United Kingdom. This remarkable feat unfolded within the confines of the erstwhile GAP Warehouse located in Rugby.

A moment of exceptional significance graced this achievement, as the rejuvenated property was subsequently acquired on lease by the renowned retail magnate, Sainsbury’s. This leasing agreement stands as one of the most remarkable and substantial single-property deals of the year.

In a synergistic collaboration involving Sunrise Real Estate Limited and Total Project Integration, BECOSAN® emerged as a cornerstone force driving this monumental endeavour, spanning an impressive 661,000 square feet (60,000 m2). As the owner of the industrial edifice, Sunrise Real Estate orchestrated a comprehensive overhaul, culminating in the official handover of the property to Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited.

This ambitious endeavour took shape following Sunrise Real Estate’s strategic acquisition of the property from Gap Inc. in September 2022. The initiative’s audacious intent translated into tangible outcomes within a remarkably swift two-month timeline, a testament to the collective dedication of all stakeholders involved.

The transformation encompassed an extensive revitalisation of the Rugby 661 site, under the meticulous supervision of Total Project Integration (TPI). Notably, the innovative BECOSAN® treatment played a pivotal role in augmenting the site’s pavements, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Key figures within BECOSAN® contributed their expertise to this momentous undertaking. Martin Kerrigan, the project director, expressed his elation, stating, “The opportunity to contribute to this endeavor has been a source of immense pride for all of us involved. The comprehensive refurbishment of the building to an exceptional standard, coupled with the application of BECOSAN® treatment on this scale, underscores the commitment to excellence.”

Oliver Sanz Wittrowksi, the treatment coordinator, expounded on the multifaceted benefits of the BECOSAN® treatment. “The BECOSAN® treatment not only reinvigorates the visual appeal of the pavement but also bolsters its durability and sustainability. This innovative approach ensures that the Rugby 661 site is not just restored for the present but fortified for the years that lie ahead.”

For those intrigued by BECOSAN®’s cutting-edge concrete treatment solutions, further information can be obtained from BECOSAN® UK through the following link:

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