Fish and Chip Shop Claps Back at Anti-Vegan Tirade with Novelty Merchandise

A fish and chip shop has ingeniously countered a scathing anti-vegan review by launching a line of merchandise adorned with the critic’s harsh words. This range includes bucket hats, hoodies, and aprons.

The Hip Hop Chip Shop, which was hailed as the UK’s second-best chippy in May, stands out from traditional fish and chip shops with its extensive selection of vegan options, including plant-based fish and chips.

In addition to its culinary offerings, this trendy spot is known for hosting live music events. It even operates a stall at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium during home games.

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However, their unconventional approach could have sat better with one customer, Geoff Lane, who visited the Ancoats, Manchester branch. He vented his frustration on Google reviews with a brief but vitriolic comment: “Overpriced. Overcooked. Full of vegan k********. Avoid.”

The chip shop responded to Geoff’s fiery critique with humour on Friday (17 Nov), playfully remarking: “You’re playing hard to get Geoff, I can tell x.”

Embracing the negativity, the Hip Hop Chip Shop took a creative leap and printed the review on various merchandise items. Products like bucket hats, caps, t-shirts, vests, hoodies, magnets, stickers, and mugs now feature the phrase “Avoid Geoff Lane – vegan k********.”

These items are available on Red Bubble, ranging from £1.02 to £52.06. The proceeds are being donated to the charity ‘In Place of War.’

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As a cheeky nod to the incident, the chippy is offering a 20% discount to customers who whisper “vegan k********” to their server.

This marketing move comes amidst reports of declining interest in vegan foods and a resurgence in meat consumption. Beyond Meat, the company that produces McDonald’s vegan burgers reported a 9% drop in revenue.

Despite the challenging market, the Hip Hop Chip Shop has garnered acclaim for its witty response to the negative review. Patrons like Seymour, Charlotte, and Robbie have expressed their admiration, applauding both the shop’s sustainable approach to merchandise and their charitable initiative.


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