Woman Embraces Open Relationship, Enhancing Her Sex Life Despite Occasional Jealousy

A woman has revealed how opening up her relationship has invigorated her sex life, although it initially sparked moments of jealousy.

Jasmine Teaa, an influencer, began selling provocative photos online during college, recently drawing attention for discussing her parents’ reaction to her side job.

While facing initial disapproval from her family, Jasmine, 26, says her 27-year-old boyfriend, whose name is withheld by request, has been consistently supportive. He assists in creating her content and accepts her relationships with others, which Jasmine credits for enhancing their sexual connection.

However, the transition wasn’t without its challenges.

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“Navigating through his occasional jealousy was a journey,” Jasmine, with over 483,000 Instagram followers (@jasteaa), shared with NudePR.com.

“It all hinged on trust. We’ve managed to work through the feelings of jealousy, which is no longer an issue.

“Now, there are no restrictions in our relationship, and he even finds pleasure in watching me with others.”

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The Los Angeles-based couple met in May 2018 at a rave. Unaware initially of her career, Jasmine broached the subject on their first date, ready to end things if he disapproved.

“I’ve experienced negativity from an ex over my career choice, and I didn’t want to repeat that,” she explained.

“My boyfriend, instead, found my self-sufficiency impressive and began assisting with my content. He even supported me when my parents discovered my job, offering me a safe haven.”

The duo, open to exploring their sexuality, experimented with various fantasies through Jasmine’s platform.

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“We’ve tried different things, from point-of-view content to bondage, and even being intimate with others. These experiences have strengthened our relationship. We’re open to trying anything at least once. If either of us dislikes something, we won’t revisit it, but sleeping with others has persisted,” Jasmine added.

She emphasized maintaining special elements in their relationship, like reserving certain intimacies solely for her boyfriend.

Earning $1 million (£817,000) annually, Jasmine notes her relationship with her parents has improved as they’ve seen her happiness and independence, expressing pride in her self-reliance.

Reflecting, she advises her younger self about the challenges ahead, feeling empowered by her journey and achievements.

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