Woman Claims DIY Body Lotion Made from Period Blood Gives Her Smooth Skin

A woman has made a controversial claim that her secret to smooth skin is a DIY body lotion made from period blood.

Lari Sumpani, a 24-year-old model, incorporates what appears to be menstrual blood into her unconventional skincare routine, believing it helps rejuvenate her skin and keep it smooth.

Sharing her methods with her Instagram followers (@sumpanivip), Lari detailed her practice, sparking a divided response from social media users.

Some users expressed intrigue, with one mentioning, “The secrets of the hotties are starting to be revealed.” Another commented on the beneficial properties of menstrual blood, stating that it is rich in nutrients and considered clean and pure.

However, not everyone was receptive to Lari’s approach, and criticism emerged. One person mentioned, “It was better to have left it off,” emphasizing that the body produces its own means of self-care.

Lari’s inspiration for using period blood in her beauty routine came after seeing Brazilian singer Anitta use a face cream made with blood. Motivated by this, Lari adapted the practice for her buttock care, using her own collected blood from a menstrual cup.

Speaking to NudePR.com, Lari, who hails from Minas Gerais, Brazil, expressed her satisfaction with the results, stating, “In the first week, I already felt a difference in the texture of the skin.”

While Lari’s unconventional routine garnered mixed responses, she remains eager to explore other natural products for her skincare. She expressed interest in trying male sperm, as she has read about its potential benefits but has not yet incorporated it into her buttock care routine.

Lari’s approach to skincare may be considered unconventional by many, but she sees it as a way to influence people to prioritize self-care in natural ways.

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