Tragic Demise of Social Media Influencer in Street Assault, Succumbing to Gunshot Wounds

A somber event has unfolded as a prominent influencer meets an untimely demise through a shocking street assault, the tragic result of being targeted and fatally shot in the head.

The influencer in question is Nicol Montenegro, widely recognized in the online realm by her pseudonym, Nicol Rescata.

Tragedy struck as she was subjected to multiple gunshots to the head, and the scene was accompanied by the unsettling discovery of a container of petrol and a box of matches adjacent to her lifeless form.

This ominous discovery leads investigators to speculate that her assailant had sinister intentions of incinerating her remains before being interrupted.

The unfortunate incident transpired in Yaguachi, Ecuador, on the 5th of August. Nicol, who bore the evocative surname “Rescue” in English, had forged a digital identity founded upon her journey from adversity to assisting others in breaking free from the shackles of drug addiction.

Her metamorphosis from a former substance abuser into a beacon of hope resonated with many. Her online presence not only garnered attention but also facilitated meaningful connections as she guided others through the path to recovery.

Nicol attributed her transformation to the efforts of YouTuber Jeyder Rescata, whose real identity is Jeremías Terán. He played a pivotal role in extricating her from the grip of addiction and the despair of life on the streets.

In 2021, a poignant viral video showcased her being compassionately escorted to a rehabilitation facility by her mother, a moment that symbolized her journey towards rehabilitation.

Her tenure at the rehabilitation centre yielded success, enabling her to subsequently achieve her high school qualifications and embark on a nursing education. Beyond her digital content creation, she was also actively engaged as a healthcare professional within a rehabilitation establishment.

Nicol’s motivation to extend a helping hand to fellow sufferers stemmed from the transformative influence of Jeyder’s intervention in her own life.

Jeyder conveyed his grief on Instagram on the 6th of August, expressing, “Words cannot encapsulate the profound impact of this news upon me. My soul is in tatters, for I was the one who liberated you from that harrowing world. Your positive transformation was palpable, my dear; what could have transpired to disrupt this trajectory? You were poised for a luminous future. Rest in tranquility, Nicol Rescata, my beautiful soul.”

Originating from the city of Babahoyo, Nicol divulged her pregnancy on Facebook merely two months ago, anticipating the arrival of her second child with Harold Danyell, whom she held in the highest regard as the “love of her life.”

Coinciding with this revelation, she announced her decision to discontinue her digital content creation endeavors, though she abstained from specifying the rationale behind this decision.

Tragically, Nicol leaves behind a four-year-old daughter who now faces the harsh reality of orphanhood, as reported by local media outlets.

At present, the investigation remains ongoing, yet no arrests have been reported as authorities endeavor to unravel the complex circumstances surrounding this heart-wrenching incident.

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