“Someone Like EWE!” Artist Merges Celebrities with Nature in Stunning Artworks

A gifted artist and master of optical illusions has skillfully blended well-known celebrity faces into various scenes encompassing landscapes, animals, and fantasy settings. Among these creations is a whimsical portrayal of Adele, ingeniously camouflaged within a flock of sheep.

In Alexandre Perez’s artistic universe, the woolly rendition of the “Someone Like EWE” singer is just the beginning. The collection also features stars like Katy Perry, who appears in a dazzling firework display, and Beyoncé, who dominates an entire island landscape.

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The ingenious artworks by Mr. Perez blend music icons with royal figures. One can find Kate Middleton engrossed in study, and with a keen eye, one might even spot King Charles amidst a volcanic scene.

The challenge of identifying these celebrities, cleverly hidden in scenes such as a picnic or a flock of birds, offers a delightful puzzle for even the most dedicated Hollywood enthusiasts.

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mr Perez refers to his project as ‘Pareidolia with celebrities’, drawing on the phenomenon where the human mind perceives familiar patterns, like faces, in random or inanimate objects.

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Mr. Perez employs various artistic methods, including photo editing software, AI technology, and multiple apps. The creation of each image is a meticulous process, often spanning several days.

Reflecting on his creative process, Mr. Perez shared, “One must carefully consider the prompts used and ensure the resemblance in the image is accurate, as it often requires multiple attempts to achieve perfection.”

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With 15 years of experience in image editing, Mr Perez has evolved from using Illustration to mastering Illustrator and Photoshop, gaining recognition on platforms such as Photoshop Creative and Animated Times.

His portfolio extends beyond celebrities, including works featuring Marvel and DC characters, and has received overwhelmingly positive responses.

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Mr. Perez advises aspiring artists to continuously learn and stay abreast of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, emphasizing the importance of showcasing and appreciating art as a form of entertainment.


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