Model Invests £770,000 in Plastic Surgery, Including 34G Breasts

Klara Lima, a model based in Florida, USA, has invested nearly £770,000 in plastic surgery, enhancing her figure to a striking 34G size.

Over five years, Klara has undergone nine surgeries, viewing each as an investment in her appearance. Her transformation journey includes her battle and triumph over alcoholism, celebrating her fourth year of sobriety.

With her life story shared on Instagram (@theklaralima), she has attracted a following of over 178,000 as an influencer and fitness enthusiast.

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Speaking to, the 32-year-old Klara explained, “I’ve sculpted my body to my vision and now focus on maintaining and staying in peak shape. I’m content with how I look now. Surgery has boosted my confidence. I’ve always been beautiful, but as an artist, I’ve recreated myself into my vision. I am dedicated to maintaining this creation.”

Her surgical journey, beginning in 2014, includes three Brazilian butt lifts, four breast augmentations, and numerous Botox and filler treatments.

Klara sees her body and image as her most reliable investment, aligning with her lifestyle and brand. She expressed a deep love and satisfaction with her body, with each part complementing the others, and finds joy in the transformation process.

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Now four years into sobriety, Klara is proud of her physical transformation and her personal and career growth. Despite encountering jealousy from others, she remains unfazed, viewing it as a manifestation of insecurity and lack of self-love.

Klara has diversified her career as a real estate investor and a motivational podcast host, with her podcast titled ‘Out Of This World’. Her online presence is significant, with thousands of views and likes on her posts.

Supportive comments on her posts reflect the admiration she receives. Marti praised her beautiful soul and positivity, Gracy called her a goddess, and Jessie admired her strength. Roberta complimented her wisdom and beauty, and Chloe hailed her as a gorgeous queen.

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