Miss BumBum Winner Seeks Santa’s Help for a Faithful Man This Christmas

Larissa Sumpani, crowned Miss BumBum this year, is on a unique quest for Christmas: she’s seeking Santa Claus’s assistance to find a faithful man.

Recently hosting a £4,100 ($5,000) divorce celebration after her one-year marriage ended, Larissa is determined to change her luck in love. As the festive season approaches, the 24-year-old model visited Santa at a shopping centre, armed with a handwritten letter detailing her desires.

“I’ve written down everything I’m looking for in my next boyfriend,” she shared with NudePR. Beyond fidelity, she seeks an ambitious partner, tired of encountering unfaithful and lazy men in the dating scene.

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The Brazilian model often likened to the Kardashians, captured the moment on Instagram, gathering over 5,000 likes. The video shows her in a form-fitting black dress, approaching a seemingly baffled Santa, handing him her letter, and taking cheerful photos with him.

Larissa also shared images of herself preparing the letter, playfully asking her followers to guess her Christmas wish. “This year, I’m asking for something hard to find – a FAITHFUL MAN! Has anyone else made this same request to Santa?” she wrote.

Her post has sparked a flurry of responses on social media. Many online admirers have volunteered to fulfil her wish, offering themselves as candidates.

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Paulinho wrote, “YOUR PROBLEMS ARE OVER, LOOK ME HERE NO NEED FOR CHRISTMAS…,” and others humorously proposed dates to meet her. Rod even suggested sending his address to Santa.

However, some joked that Santa might have been overwhelmed by the model’s request. In contrast, others playfully hinted that she might not be on Santa’s “good” list, with one commenter majestically saying, “Almost killed Santa from a heart attack.”

Another fan quipped, “This was one lucky Santa,” while a different user teased, “You asked for nothing; you were not a good girl.”

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