Former Playboy Model Dubbed ‘She-Hulk’ Invests Nearly £9,000 Monthly in Fitness Treatments for Physical Excellence

Suzy Cortez, a former Playboy model affectionately referred to as ‘She-Hulk,’ has opened up about her monthly expenditure of approximately £8,700 (equivalent to USD 10,000) as she relentlessly pursues what she considers “physical perfection.”

The renowned fitness influencer and model has decided to shift her focus away from selling risqué content online and instead channel her efforts towards realizing her dream of becoming a female superhero.

Cortez, who is 30 years old, adheres to an uncompromising diet and exercise regimen that demands unwavering dedication.

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This fitness maven shares her journey with her 2.3 million Instagram followers (@suzyacortez), providing insights into her strenuous routine.

Recently, she unveiled the extraordinary financial commitment she makes to maintain her sculpted physique, emphasizing her dedication to the cause.

“I take the moniker ‘ She-Hulk’ as a tribute to my determination and strength,” Suzy shared with NudePR.

She continued, “I have a team of trainers, nutritionists, and physiotherapists who collaborate to ensure I remain in peak physical condition.”

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In addition to these professionals, the former model invests in high-quality nutritional supplements, cutting-edge fitness equipment, and advanced infrastructure to support her fitness-focused lifestyle.

She elaborated, “These components are vital to sustaining my rigorous training and preserving my physical form. I also use specific products recommended by my health and fitness experts to maintain my physique.”

For Suzy, allocating £9,000 monthly to uphold her appearance and physique is not merely an expense; she perceives it as an investment in herself.

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She concluded by stating, “I believe that pursuing perfection involves reaching one’s full potential in terms of health, well-being, and fitness. I am willing to pay the requisite price to attain that level of perfection.”


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