Couple Elevates Romance with an Unconventional Twist: Wife Takes Husband for Strolls on a Leash

In the realm of influence and innovation, a captivating couple has embarked on an unconventional journey to revitalize their love life. They’ve taken an audacious step by having the wife lead her husband on walks, quite literally, with him donning a leash.

Bella Mantovani, aged 31, and Vagner O Fera, aged 34, recently caught the public eye when they made a bold move by advertising their distinctive OnlyFans account in the illustrious Times Square.

Yet, their polyamorous union sensed a more profound yearning from their dedicated followers, propelling them into the enchanting realm of fantasies.

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For this committed pair, it meant Bella encircling a sleek ebony collar around Vagner’s neck, tethered to a chain leash. At the same time, he sported a canine visage during their unorthodox strolls.

Their odyssey commenced in their hometown of São Paulo, where they embarked on a mesmerizing journey to the Jardim Oriente shopping centre on a memorable evening, the 19th of October.

Both Bella and Vagner candidly confessed that they had never ventured into such avant-garde territory before. The inspiration behind this peculiar choice stemmed from Bella’s profound affection for dogs.

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Vagner, who hails from São Paulo, Brazil, remarked, “Ever since we’ve been together, we’ve been pioneers in experimenting with costumes, but it always remained confined to the privacy of our home.”

He further elucidated, “This notion of publicly portraying ourselves as pets was an entirely novel experience for us. Our chosen lifestyle treads lightly on others’ sensibilities, and we extend respect for personal boundaries.”

He continued, “Beyond ourselves, everyone harbours fantasies; our unique journey revolves around openly embracing these desires. We do everything together, finding immense delight in sharing our passions, in stark contrast to those who might fear or feel embarrassed about revealing their innermost selves within a relationship.”

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Their paths first intertwined when they were mere six-year-olds, and over the years, their connection deepened. They solidified their bond by marrying in 2011 after an enduring five-year courtship.

In response to inquiries about Vagner’s donning of the collar and the canine mask during their mall outing, the duo affirmed their intention to persist in showcasing their unique attire in public settings, embracing spontaneity whenever it beckons.

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In addition to their enticing updates on their adult platform, the couple also tantalizes their audience on Instagram, boasting an impressive following of 120,000 under the handle @bellamantovani_.

Bella concluded with an earnest statement, “We aspire to dispel the cliché that equates polyamory with impropriety. Our marriage has undergone a transformative metamorphosis since embracing a more liberated form of love. The judgment of many springs from a lack of understanding about our chosen way of life.”


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