Unlocking Success: Qualities of Top Kick.com Gambling Streamers

In the world of livestreaming a new trend is taking center stage — gambling streams on Kick.com. Recently, Kick has become a hub for creators to entertain their audiences with online gambling and gaming. This article will explore this growing trend and look at what makes a successful Kick gambling streamer. From distinctive personalities to strategic game selection and immersive interaction, we’ll figure out how gambling streams standout. We’ll also introduce you to the top three gambling streamers on Kick, looking at their channels, styles, and audience engagement. So, whether you’re an avid fan seeking new content or an aspiring streamer looking to get started, join us as we explore gambling streams on Kick.

Top 3 Gambling Streamers on Kick 


Unlike streamers like Adin Ross, Roshtein is exclusively a gambling streamer. Real name Ismael Swartz, Roshtein has been streaming since 2016 and is the longest active slots streamer. He primarily plays slot games like Dead or Alive 2, Mahjong 88 and Book of Dead. He is known for his record-breaking slot wins on stream, like winning $16 million on Wanted Dead or A Wild and $5 on Tasty Treats. 

One of the unique features of Roshtein’s streams are his huge bets. He will frequently bet thousands of Euros per spin on high roller slot games. This is a big reason he has such a large audience, and many say it is also a big reason he is so successful with his slot gambling. While Roshtein previously gambled on casinos like Roobet and other online casinos, he now plays all his slot games on Stake, the casino company that owns Kick. You can typically catch his streams in the afternoons and evenings in Malta, which is where the streamer is located. 

Adin Ross

Adin’s channel is a blend of gaming, charismatic personality, and unfiltered interactions. He is originally known for streaming NBA 2K20 on Kick’s main competitor, Twitch. However, his fame really took off when he streamed with Bronny James, the eldest son of NBA star LeBron James. 

Other than video game streams, Florida-born Adin Ross frequently does gambling livestreams on Stake, the online casino that owns Kick. He often plays games like blackjack, sometimes betting hundreds of thousands of dollars per session. If you are looking to join the gambling action, you can find plenty of online casinos in Florida on BestUSCasinos.org.

Adin is currently Kick’s most popular streamer, and he’s had quite a few significant events and streams that made him so popular. In July 2022, Ross streamed with controversial figure Andrew Tate to talk about his views on women and relationships. In September 2023, Adin claimed to have lined up an interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. However, when it came time for the interview, it was revealed that the person claiming to be Kim Jong-un was actually just an impersonator by the name of Howard X. Clearly, Adin Ross’ streams are involved with some antics but for many, that is part of the charm. 


Nickmercs, or Nicholas Kolcheff, was originally a competitive gamer, playing games like Gears of War and Halo. He started streaming on Twitch in 2010 and boomed in popularity when he started playing Call of Duty. Fast-forward to 2023 and he has since moved over to Kick after signing a huge deal, and is now one of the platform’s biggest streamers. He is particularly famous for being very skilled at shooting games, along with his loud, bombastic personality. 

Now that Nickmercs has moved to Kick, he splits his stream time between his regular gaming and online gambling at Stake. According to Nickmercs, gambling streams are part of the contract now that he has signed with Kick. When he does his gambling streams, he typically plays slots and live dealer games.

Qualities of a Successful Gambling Streamer on Kick

There are thousands of streamers going live on Kick every day, so differentiating yourself and becoming a successful streamer is a difficult task. However, there are a few things that all successful streamers have in common that may be key contributors to their high viewership. 

The first is content selection. The most watched categories on Kick by far are Just Chatting and Slots and Casino, while the most popular games are Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Fortnite, and Apex Legends. The streamers with the biggest followings are usually very skilled at these games, or provide a unique twist on the gameplay. 

The second is consistency. The majority of streamers that are popular now started their careers the same way as everyone else; streaming their favorite content or games for just a few viewers. Many of them streamed long hours, seven days a week, to build up a following and gain popularity. For example, Kick’s most popular streamer Adin Ross began regularly streaming NBA 2K20 on Twitch while living with his sister Naomi for just a few viewers. Ross’ consistent streaming gained him more and more viewers until he became the most popular streamer on the platform.

The third is luck. Many of the most famous streamers had some degree of luck that helped them gain their considerable following. For example, Kick streamers like Tfue who became a Fortnite professional player and xQc who became an Overwatch pro, both got very good at games as they were exploding in popularity. This led to an increased viewership and a loyal fanbase, even as these streamers branched off into streaming other content. And for some streamers, it was a case of the right place at the right time. For Adin Ross, Kick’s biggest streamer, through his talent in NBA 2K20, was lucky enough to stream with Bronny James, the eldest son of NBA star LeBron James. This catapulted his fame, as everyone wanted to see when Adin was streaming next with the NBA star’s son.

Advice for Upcoming Gambling Streamers on Kick

Starting a Kick gambling streaming channel is thrilling, but you must understand this competitive environment to be successful. Here are some tips and suggestions for aspiring Kick streamers:

Define Your Niche: Most popular streamers are popular today because they found a niche. Whether it’s focusing on a particular gambling game, unique challenges, or exclusive content, figuring out a niche will help you stand out in the crowded Kick platform.

Consistency Is Key: Establish a regular streaming schedule that your audience can rely on. Consistency builds anticipation and loyalty, helping you attract and retain viewers over time. Dedicate specific time slots for your Kick streams and communicate them to your audience.

Interactive Engagement: Foster a sense of community by actively engaging with your audience during streams. Respond to comments, ask for input, and create opportunities for viewers to participate in the experience. The more interactive and inclusive your streams are, the more likely viewers will return for future content.


Streaming is a competitive game, and Kick is doing its best to become one of the major players, especially with their gambling streams. Kick’s most successful streamers like Adin Ross, Roshtein, and Nickmercs all show a blend of distinctive personalities, strategic game selection, and unique interactions. These factors, along with consistency and some luck, contribute to their success. If you’re an aspiring Kick gambling streamer, you can draw inspiration from these qualities and try to find a unique niche to stand out in this competitive business. Whether you love the excitement of gambling streamers or want to become one yourself, Kick provides an exciting platform to enjoy or start your own online gambling stream.

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