Zero Marks a Historic Foray into the Australian Market with Classic Motorbike Performance, Fuelled by Fossil-Free Fuel at 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival

Zero, the premier manufacturer of carbon-neutral synthetic fuel created solely from air and water, showcased its innovative energy solution this weekend at the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival by powering a Honda CB1100R, one of the most sought-after motorbikes in its category. This demonstration of power marked Zero’s formal introduction to the Australian market and previewed the potential for its inaugural commercial-scale production in South Australia. Daryl Beattie, a celebrated motorcycle racer with Grand Prix victories, and Damon Hill, the Formula 1 World Champion of 1996, took turns riding the bike, illustrating the capacity of synthetic fuel to seamlessly integrate into even the most exclusive high-performance vehicles without necessitating any engine modifications.

With plans underway to inaugurate a synthetic fuel production facility in South Australia by 2026, Zero’s forthcoming plant is set to manufacture between 6-12 million litres of carbon-neutral fuel annually. This endeavour could lead to a reduction in emissions by approximately 60,000 tonnes of CO2e each year, while also invigorating the local economy through the creation of over 150 construction roles and up to 30 permanent positions. Additionally, Zero has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the South Australian Government to explore further investment opportunities.

The choice of the Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival as the venue to advance the company’s global expansion strategy was deliberate, given that motorsport is deeply ingrained in Zero’s ethos. This is reflected in the background of CEO Paddy Lowe and a significant portion of the company’s engineering team, who have roots in Formula 1 racing. Lowe’s career in F1 spanned over three decades, contributing to 12 World Championships, 158 race victories, and leading one of the most successful seasons in F1 history. Zero recently announced its partnership with the Stake F1® Team Kick Sauber, marking a historic moment as the first Official Partner in Formula 1 to produce synthetic fuel. The team has transferred the success-driven mindset from the racetrack to the development of 100% fossil-free, drop-in synthetic fuels that are poised to enhance performance in motorbikes, cars, and more.

Zero’s fuel, which starts its life as mere air and water, is meticulously engineered from the ground up, offering unparalleled precision and adaptability for any existing engine. The Honda CB1100R motorbike served as an ideal example of the versatility of Zero’s synthetic fuel, demonstrating that no vehicle, regardless of its rarity or age, is excluded from the energy transformation. Produced in limited quantities from 1980 to 1983, the bike marked Honda’s initial foray into homologation specials, competing in production class events across Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

The fuel demonstration at the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival featured Daryl Beattie riding the iconic Honda CB1100R on Saturday, 16 March, and Hill taking the helm on Sunday, 17 March. Both racers brought with them impressive credentials – Beattie having competed in the Grand Prix motorcycle World Championship (now known as MotoGP) from 1992 to 1997, securing three 500cc Grand Prix victories and clinching the runner-up spot in the 1995 championship. Hill, on the other hand, was the final victor of the Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide in 1995 and clinched the Formula 1 World Championship in 1996, transitioning from two wheels to four at the onset of his career. The British racing legend participated in 115 grand prix events for teams such as Brabham, Williams, Arrows, and Jordan in Formula 1 from 1992 to 1999, amassing 22 wins and the World Championship with Williams in 1996. More recently, Hill collaborated with Zero, becoming the first individual to pilot a go-kart powered entirely by synthetic fuel in 2023.

Event Director Tim Possingham commented, “We were incredibly excited to see this activation unfold here in South Australia, as the state now produces more renewable energy than any other gigawatt grid in the world and with a hydrogen electrolyser that is ten times bigger than anything currently in existence, South Australia has become a place of incredible significance for alternative fuels and renewables. This activity had relevance to where the state is headed in respect to sustainability, but it also celebrated our motorsport heritage we possess here. It’s a perfect demonstration of the old-meets-new that the Adelaide Motorsport Festival showcases so well.”

Nick Champion, Minister for Trade and Investment in South Australia, remarked:

“The potential to have Zero Petroleum’s manufacturing facility located in South Australia, will add to our booming plans for the state’s future prosperity.

We have an opportunity to grow South Australia’s economy by providing the key ingredients needed for global decarbonisation.

South Australia’s economy is going from strength to strength having been ranked number one in the nation by CommSec, and events like the investment symposium at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival help foster new opportunities for growth.”

Zero’s CEO and founder, Paddy Lowe, stated: “The Government of South Australia has transformed the region into a global hub of renewable solar and wind power development, and Zero is excited by the prospect of joining its thriving green hydrogen economy. Following our exploration into the market, we were proud to showcase our first Australian demonstration at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival as they do an excellent job of bridging the gap between treasured motorsport heritage and the future of fuel. Fueling a motorbike as unique and classic as the Honda CB1100R showed that the rich history of racing will be alive and well as we transition to fossil-free solutions, and at Zero, we are working closely with South Australia to bring this vision to life.”

Occurring a week prior to the Australian Grand Prix, the Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival served as a living museum, displaying an array of historic, rare, and significant racing vehicles on the Victoria Park section of the Adelaide Street Circuit. The festival featured categories such as Formula 1, V8 Supercars, Group C and A touring cars, sports cars, and more, along with on-track demonstrations, off-track exhibits, villas, and additional attractions.

Now in its tenth year, the Adelaide Motorsport Festival stands as a significant event and economic catalyst for South Australia. It celebrates all aspects of motoring and motorsport, uniting the latest electric and hybrid vehicles, electric race and rally cars, electric bicycles, scooters, and motorbikes, and more in the E-Motion Zone presented by the City of Adelaide, showcased alongside the Zero demonstration.

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