ZaynFi Broadens Horizons with Coinbase’s Base Network, Catering to Global Muslim Market

ZaynFi, a leading player in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) stablecoin yield sector, has announced a major step in its growth strategy by integrating with Coinbase’s Base network. This move is in line with ZaynFi’s objective of simplifying DeFi yield generation for an increasing user base. Accompanying this expansion is the launch of their innovative Quick Vault feature, offering Single Asset Earning, Active Strategies, and an effortless Stablecoin yield farming experience.

In early 2023, ZaynFi secured pre-seed investment from prominent backers like 500 Global and the UK’s Islamic Finance Guru’s Cur8 Capital, fortifying its position in developing a shariah-compliant DeFi protocol layer globally.

The firm is now preparing for a seed funding round, engaging with strategic investors who share their vision of delivering shariah-compliant DeFi offerings to the 2 billion-strong global Muslim market.

Speaking about the company’s progress, Syakir Hashim, a Core Contributor at ZaynFi, said, “We were attracted by the growth at Coinbase’s Base network which has been remarkable, with the Total Value Locked (TVL) on the network increasing significantly to around $300 Million within months of its August launch this year. ZaynFi’s expansion into Base network enables shariah-conscious investors a pathway to participate in the excitement and growth that is happening on the Base network. We’re committed to making DeFi accessible to shariah-conscious investors worldwide.”

ZaynFi’s expansion underscores its commitment to bringing innovative and inclusive DeFi solutions that are shariah-compliant to the market.

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