Vision to Victory with Algoworks: FROM Announces Its New UK Base to Enhance Reach in the European Sphere

FROM, a frontrunner in pioneering digital solutions and services and having recently merged with the renowned Indian engineering powerhouse Algoworks, is proud to announce its latest foray into the United Kingdom. This significant move marks a key milestone in its global expansion efforts, designed to improve service delivery and strengthen ties with its European customer base, underlining the joint dedication of FROM and Algoworks towards ongoing growth and penetration into international markets.

The establishment of a UK-based entity is a clear indication of FROM’s commitment to being at the doorstep of its European customers. This strategy is intended to ensure the delivery of customised, efficient, and timely services that align with the distinct requirements and expectations of the European landscape.

Howard Tiersky, CEO of FROM, stated, “For many years both FROM and Algoworks have been serving clients in the UK and Western European Market including Avis, Airbus, HIT Entertainment, Demica, DTS Group, and Bromcom. This move triples down on our focus and commitment to this market.”

“We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new UK presence, a significant step in our strategy to deepen our engagement with European markets,” said Ajeet Singh, Co-founder & Director of Algoworks. He further added, “This expansion is not just about growing our geographical footprint; it reflects our commitment to being closer to our customers, understanding their needs, and providing unparalleled service. The UK’s dynamic market presents many opportunities, and we are excited to leverage these to benefit our clients.”

Bob Taylor, Chief Digital Officer at FROM, remarked, “The decision to expand into the UK reflects our understanding of the importance of regional accessibility and our commitment to offering personalised, localised customer experiences.”

As FROM continues to grow, it remains loyal to its principles of innovation, customer focus, and operational excellence. The move into the UK signifies a crucial phase in FROM’s evolution towards becoming a more adaptable and comprehensive global entity, committed to delivering value to its clients and stakeholders worldwide.

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