Utelize Mobile Introduces SureSIM Global eSIM for UK-Based Multinational Firms

Addressing the growing challenges of international roaming and mobile data management for multinational corporations, Utelize Mobile has launched the SureSIM Global Proof of Concept (PoC) programme. This pioneering initiative is aimed at UK-based multinationals navigating the complexities of global business communication amidst increasing business travel.

SureSIM Global is set to revolutionise the corporate roaming experience with its ‘corporate grade’ roaming data service. Designed for simplicity, cost-efficiency, and scalability, the service spans over 190 countries. The PoC programme is specifically crafted to demonstrate the robust capabilities and significant benefits of SureSIM Global, including:

  • Centralised eSIM management and deployment via QR code or ‘Over the Air’ through MDM solutions such as MS Intune, simplifying global data service provision.
  • A unified global contract and tariff billed in USD, in arrears, streamlining administration and finance operations.
  • Permanent eSIM installation with no expiry or associated travel planning required, offering lasting connectivity solutions.
  • Real-time usage data and network connectivity insights for improved user support and effective connectivity management.
  • Personalised set-up assistance and domestic testing prior to travel, ensuring operational readiness for international ventures.
  • Standard access is limited to business-critical applications and websites to minimise unnecessary costs and avoid potential HR issues.
  • Cost-effective Pay as You Go Data options available in 196 countries and an optional ‘Business Unlimited’ price plan for unrestricted business data use in 160 countries.
  • Flexible cost and usage controls that can be customised to exclude high-cost roaming zones, providing detailed management of data expenses.

“Our SureSIM Global PoC programme is a testament to our commitment to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of global enterprises,” states Matt Atkinson, Managing Director of Utelize Mobile. “As international teams become more reliant on data-centric communication tools, we’re proud to offer a solution that marries ease of management with strategic cost control.”

Applications for the SureSIM Global PoC programme are now open. Eligible companies are encouraged to apply and partner with Utelize Mobile to pave the way for efficient, secure, and economical mobile data connectivity for their global workforce.

For additional information or to register your company for the PoC programme, please visit https://www.utelize.co.uk/suresim-global-esim/

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