Unbound Energy Spearheads Sustainable Future with New Solar Subscription Service

Unbound Energy, a frontrunner in green energy innovation in the UK, is proud to announce its groundbreaking solar subscription model. This model offers homeowners a cost-effective and hassle-free route to adopting solar energy, with no initial costs and instant savings. Unbound Energy’s innovative approach is set to catalyse the widespread adoption of solar energy, sparking a significant green revolution. “We believe that clean, renewable energy should be accessible to everyone. Our solar subscription not only sets a new standard by helping homeowners save from day one, but also addresses the practical concerns that have hindered widespread adoption of solar to date,” stated Ross Fobian, CEO of Unbound Energy.

Affordability Redefined: The Lowest Cost Solar Subscription on the Market

Unbound Energy’s solar subscription is anticipated to revolutionise the renewable energy sector. Costing just £69 per month, it stands as the most affordable solar subscription in the UK, subsidised through strategic monetisation of solar and battery assets. This includes innovative grid balancing services. This affordability means a typical four-bedroom house in southern England could save over £500 annually, without any upfront costs or burdensome loans.

Flexibility for Today’s Homeowners

A standout feature of Unbound Energy’s solar subscription is its adaptability. Differing from traditional models, this subscription offers easy transfer or purchase options, suiting homeowners who might not stay in their current property for the entire lifespan of a solar system. This flexibility ensures the widespread benefits of solar energy are accessible to all.

Out with the Old Ways

Unbound Energy’s approach of not leasing homeowners’ roofs sets it apart in the market. This method alleviates the common challenges associated with roof leasing by solar companies, particularly past issues related to mortgages. The subscription model also permits customers to buy the system at a fair price, without incurring future loss of profits. These features collectively provide reassurance and prevent potential future complications that have plagued earlier schemes. “Our vision is to locally power every property with renewable energy. With the launch of our solar subscription, we are taking a significant step toward making this vision a reality, by finally making solar a no-brainer,” added Ross Fobian.

About Unbound Energy:
Unbound Energy is an innovative UK based renewable energy company on a mission to reduce carbon emissions by 10 million tons or more per year, by making clean energy the best option for everyone. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Unbound Energy aims to pave the way for a sustainable and locally powered future.

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