UK Firm Affili8 Secures Brazilian Contract in Booming iGaming Market

The iGaming and sports betting industry in Brazil is experiencing significant growth due to recent changes in gambling laws, and a UK-based company is capitalising on this trend. Affili8, operating under the name iGaming Agency, has expanded its presence in Brazil by providing SEO services for the newly launched sportsbook brand, Lance! Betting.

The contract emerged from a collaboration between Kambi Group, Eyas Gaming, and Brazilian media platform Lance!, resulting in the creation of the new betting platform. Kambi supplies the sports betting technology, Eyas manages the brand, and Lance!, with over 15 million active monthly users, plays a crucial role as a key partner.

Headquartered in North East England, Affili8 boasts a global portfolio of iGaming and betting clients. The company has previously worked with Eyas on its Merkur Slots brand since its inception. Established by three friends turned company directors – Chris O’Rourke, Richard Paget, and Chris Sutherland – Affili8 operates in several countries, including Brazil, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Romania, and Canada.

This new contract solidifies Affili8’s position as a prominent global partner for iGaming and betting SEO, as its work demonstrates the potential to rival established brands in the UK regarding search market visibility. Adam Joseph, Chief Operating Officer of Eyas, commented, “We’ve been working with Affili8 for the last three years and have been delighted with their work. This is an important market for us, and we’re confident that Affili8 will deliver the same success for us in Brazil as they have in the UK.”

Chris O’Rourke expressed his excitement about the opportunity, stating, “Working alongside Eyas and Lance Media on such an exciting brand is wonderful. We believe we can rapidly establish and elevate Lance! Betting as a leading brand in Brazil. The Brazilian market is competitive, but we are confident that we will make an impact.”

He added, “While it’s still early days for both the Brazilian market following deregulation and our company, which was established during the pandemic, we are optimistic about replicating the anticipated growth curve there. In fact, we are currently exploring acquisitions in the digital marketing sector and anticipate achieving a turnover of £1 million within the next 12 months – a significant milestone for us!

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