Mass Media Outdoor Forms Strategic Alliance with Wildstone to Expand UK Outdoor Media Portfolio

Mass Media Outdoor, an independent outdoor media proprietor based in Reading, is delighted to unveil its strategic alliance with Wildstone, a prominent holder of outdoor media infrastructure assets across Europe. This partnership signifies a noteworthy milestone in Mass Media’s growth strategy, aiming to swiftly and effectively broaden its regional portfolio into a comprehensive national presence.

Through this collaboration, Wildstone will provide Mass Media with a diverse array of digital out-of-home (OOH) formats, encompassing D250s, D48s, D96s, and DM6s. This will grant them access to highly coveted and prominent locations throughout the United Kingdom. Capitalising on Wildstone’s expertise in securing prime locations, obtaining planning consents, and installing cutting-edge advertising displays, Mass Media will establish a nationwide network of top-tier, dependable, and energy-efficient screens, offering businesses and brands an upscale yet cost-effective means to engage with their target audiences.

Mass Lambresa, CEO of Mass Media, expresses heartfelt gratitude to Wildstone for their invaluable alliance and unwavering support. Their dedication has been pivotal in Mass Media’s journey, and they genuinely appreciate the collaborative synergy they have cultivated. Mass Media prides itself not merely as another media proprietor but as a provider of unparalleled reliability, transparency, and exceptional product quality. Their unwavering commitment to delivering the utmost service to clients propels them forward. With a well-defined strategy mutually comprehended and supported by Wildstone, their aspiration is to become one of the foremost premium out-of-home media proprietors in the UK. Together, they strive to execute impactful campaigns that precisely target the desired audience, and their shared vision fuels their anticipation for the future plans and remarkable growth that lie ahead.

Damian Cox, Founder and CEO of Wildstone, remarks, “We are elated to supply Mass Media with exceptional media assets. As the industry flourishes, we are constantly invigorated by the arrival of new and dynamic entrants. We extend our best wishes to Mass, anticipating their resounding success, and pledge to continue supporting them in delivering outstanding outdoor media infrastructure.”

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