This is Beauty Initiates Seed Funding Round and Forms Official Board, Seeks Advisory Members

This is Beauty, the eco-conscious e-commerce retailer revolutionising the way we approach beauty shopping, today disclosed the initiation of its seed funding phase alongside the formation of its official board, highlighting four vacancies for advisory roles.

“We are thrilled to enter a new phase of growth with the launch of our seed funding round and the announcement of our official board,” expressed Ian Pearson, the brainchild behind This is Beauty and its CEO. “We understand the beauty industry has a waste problem, and we plan to help with that through our mission to offer consumers a more sustainable way to shop for imperfect beauty products. Through the expertise and guidance of our new advisory board, This is Beauty will continue to innovate in the space whilst expanding our global reach at speed.”

Building on its triumph in third-party marketplaces and enhancing its footprint with outlets in the UK and US, This is Beauty rolled out its e-commerce platform in the previous July. The platform showcases an extensive selection of offerings from established and up-and-coming brands, all available at reduced prices owing to minor aesthetic imperfections or damage.

This is Beauty partners with reputable retailers and leading global brands to repurpose products that have sustained minor damages during distribution. Customers might find products with packaging blemishes, absent lids, or instances where a nominal quantity has spilled during shipment. Every item undergoes stringent quality assurance to ensure the product itself remains pristine and fully usable.

Since its inception in 2020, This is Beauty has successfully re-commercialised over a quarter of a million items, thereby considerably mitigating their environmental footprint. This is Beauty extends an invitation to prospective investors to peruse their investment proposal at

This is Beauty is currently welcoming applications for the available positions on its advisory board. Interested candidates are encouraged to reach out directly via For further insights into This is Beauty and its pioneering initiatives, please visit

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