The Inspiring Success Story of Inga Grigaitiene at A & B Guest House, Cambridge

A & B Guest House, a notable hospitality venue in Cambridge, celebrates the remarkable story of its Managing Director, Inga Grigaitiene, whose journey from modest beginnings to hospitality excellence is truly inspiring.

Originally a children’s nurse in Lithuania, Inga Grigaitiene faced a significant life challenge when she moved to the UK with only $400, borrowed from a family friend, following a divorce. Her determination to rebuild her life in the UK included the financial education of her 8-year-old child.

Inga’s ascent from cleaning rooms to becoming the Managing Director of A & B Guest House is a powerful demonstration of her dedication and resilience. Her involvement began with Cambridge City Tenison Guest House, where she took the helm during the landlady’s health crisis due to breast cancer.

The turning point in her career occurred when A & B Guest House, situated nearby, became available. Inga embraced the challenge of managing both locations. Her appearance on the “Hotel Inspector” show with Alex Polizzi at Tenison Guest House was a pivotal moment, helping her raise the establishment’s standards. Her hard work paid off, receiving glowing reviews and postcards from satisfied guests globally.

Committed to continuous learning, Inga invested £60,000 in hospitality courses, including Bed and Breakfast training. Her dedication to improving her skills and mastering English as her third language is a testament to her commitment to excellence.

A & B Guest House’s achievements under Inga’s management include the Hotels Combined Recognition of Excellence in 2022, with an impressive 8.5 guest rating. The guest house boasts an 89% occupancy rate, which peaks at 94% in summer, reflecting the high-quality customer service provided by Inga and her team.

Inga Grigaitiene credits the success of A & B Guest House to a belief in cultural awareness and ongoing improvement. She states, “Returning guests due to exceptional customer service are the biggest award.”

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