The Flexiss Group Sets Industry Milestone with Rapid Growth and Strategic Acquisition

The Flexiss Group, an independent leader in the self-storage and flexible workspace sectors, proudly announces an unparalleled expansion within the industry. This milestone includes the simultaneous opening of three new storage facilities under its SureStore and The Self Storage Company brands, and the strategic acquisition of Scotts Storage in Lincoln—all within a single month, marking a significant achievement and an industry first in the self-storage sector.

SureStore Gloucester, a former cinema redeveloped in partnership with investment firm Seneca Partners, signifies an expansion into new territory as the first SureStore location to extend to the west of the country. This state-of-the-art facility offers a comprehensive range of storage solutions including home storage, business storage, student storage lockers, and last-mile logistics services, all accessible via advanced smart keyless access technology, solidifying SureStore’s position as one of the UK’s leading self-storage groups.

SureStore Stoke, situated in a prime location on Festival Heights Retail Park just outside the city centre, was developed in collaboration with ReAssure Limited. Based in a former health club, this site sets a new standard for self-storage in the region. Designed to achieve net-zero carbon in operation, it offers a wide array of storage options including home storage, business storage, student storage lockers, office space, and three stunning retail units, making it a comprehensive solution for local businesses.

The Self Storage Company Aston, developed in partnership with Schroders, is another impressive addition to the Flexiss Group’s portfolio. Located in a former retail space, this facility marks a significant advancement for The Self Storage Company brand, featuring a new reception area—the first of its kind under Flexiss Management—and strategically situated as the first TSSC site outside Greater London.

All newly developed sites feature Smart Keyless Access for enhanced security, as well as PV solar panels and EV car charging points as standard, reflecting the company’s commitment to green energy solutions.

The strategic acquisition of the formerly family-run Scotts Storage further strengthens The Flexiss Group’s market position, enabling the company to expand its reach and continue providing exceptional storage solutions across the UK. Currently offering crate and container storage, the impressive purpose-built site on the outskirts of Lincoln will maintain its budget-friendly proposition until a full SureStore rebrand is initiated in early 2025.

Mike Wilson, co-founder of SureStore and Flexiss, expressed his excitement over the company’s growth: “We’re delighted to expand our self-storage portfolio with these three exceptional facilities and the acquisition of Scotts Storage Lincoln. Our partnerships with Seneca, ReAssure, and Schroders have been instrumental in bringing these projects to fruition. We are proud to offer our customers innovative, sustainable and convenient storage solutions.”

The Flexiss Group’s commitment to raising sustainability standards is evident in the operation of the new facilities and in the incorporation of the groundbreaking ‘Flextechs’ building management software. This software provides unparalleled monitoring capabilities to optimise efficiency and sustainability. Additionally, features such as PV solar panels and EV car charging stations, included as standard across all sites, demonstrate the company’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and supporting a more environmentally friendly future.

Andy Wood, co-founder of SureStore and Flexiss, added, “Our goal is to challenge the status quo in the self-storage sector by constantly rewriting the playbook on how we approach self-storage projects. Our constant desire to bring new innovation to the sector fuels our rapid expansion and our desire to create more sustainable operations incorporating the latest cutting-edge technologies demands a bold approach. The delivery of four new projects in the space of a month has brought a unique set of challenges, but we’re incredibly proud of our teams and third-party stakeholders who have risen to the challenge.”

With the opening of SureStore Gloucester, SureStore Stoke, and The Self Storage Company Aston, along with the acquisition of Scotts Storage, The Flexiss Group continues to solidify its position as a leader in the UK self-storage industry, setting new standards and achieving milestones that reflect its ambitious vision.

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