Thanksgiving Airport Transfer Prices Show 37% Discrepancy, Reveals New Study

Obi, a leader in the global taxi and rideshare comparison market with over 350,000 users, has introduced an informative guide to assist Thanksgiving travellers in managing their challenging and often taxing journeys.

Utilising its comprehensive data, Obi has released key insights on airport transfer costs, allowing travellers to better estimate their expenses. The analysis also points out differences as high as 37% between Uber and Lyft during last year’s Thanksgiving.

Key findings from Obi’s Thanksgiving travel report include:

  1. The gap between Uber and Lyft prices reached as much as 37% during Thanksgiving 2022.
  2. A projected 78% of airports are likely to experience a surge in prices this Thanksgiving, based on 2022 data.
  3. New Yorkers can expect the most significant rise in airport transfer fares compared to other major US airports.
  4. According to TLC data from last November, Uber riders emerged as the least generous tippers, lagging behind Lyft and yellow taxi users.

Uber Riders: Least Generous Tippers

In preparation for Thanksgiving, Obi analysed intriguing data from NYC’s TLC. It discovered that in November last year, average tips for rides from Manhattan to JFK varied notably among yellow taxis, Uber, and Lyft, with Uber customers tipping the least.

Uber / Lyft Price Discrepancy: 37%

The most considerable discrepancy between Uber and Lyft charges last Thanksgiving was recorded at ATL (Atlanta) Airport, with average prices differing by as much as 37%.

Thanksgiving Ride Costs: What to Expect?

Drawing from its extensive dataset, Obi offers insights into Thanksgiving travel expenses. Data from 2022 indicates that approximately 78% of airports will witness price hikes over the Thanksgiving period. New Yorkers will face the steepest increase in airport transfer charges compared to other major US airports.

Average transfer costs from top US airports during last Thanksgiving:

  • Newark: $79
  • JFK: $75
  • Denver: $64
  • Atlanta: $52
  • San Francisco: $51
  • Dallas Fort Worth: $48
  • Los Angeles: $48
  • Chicago O’Hare: $45
  • Las Vegas: $22

Complete Infographic

Obi has made available additional Thanksgiving charts and data.

Thanksgiving Travel Advice

Navigate this Thanksgiving like a pro with Obi’s exclusive rideshare tips and strategies.

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