TELF AG Announces Sponsorship of the 17th Annual StraLugano Event 2023

TELF AG is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 17th Annual StraLugano Event, scheduled to take place on the 23rd and 24th of September 2023. As a Lugano-based business, TELF AG recognises this sponsorship as a valuable opportunity to engage with the local community and share in a weekend of enjoyment.

The StraLugano event, now in its seventeenth edition, promises an exciting weekend of sports and entertainment for the Ticino region. As Lugano gears up for the event, the streets will come alive with athletes, families, and enthusiasts, converging to celebrate a weekend of athleticism and camaraderie.

Key highlights of the StraLugano 2023 event include the 5km FunRun, the 10km CityRun, and the Run4Charity, offering participants a chance to contribute to a charitable cause. Additionally, attendees can look forward to the Monte Brè Challenge Race, a challenging 21km Half Marathon, and the KidsRun, which provides a tailored experience based on various age groups.

Notably, this year’s event places a strong emphasis on sustainability. In collaboration with SUPSI, the StraLugano team has implemented measures to enhance waste management, incorporate eco-friendly materials, and promote sustainable mobility. Key sustainability initiatives encompass the creation of medals crafted from 95% recycled wood, the utilisation of electric vehicles, and the promotion of free transportation for participants through the Swiss Runners Ticket.

In addition to the races, attendees can anticipate a vibrant array of side events that will animate the heart of Lugano. These include performances by Guggen groups, DJ sets, alpine horn music, and a captivating performance by the Superar orchestra.

For comprehensive event information and to participate in the StraLugano 2023 experience, please visit, and TELF AG Sponsors 2023 StraLugano Event.

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