Team ITG delivers state-of-the-art virtual production campaign for Jaeger

Team ITG shot a virtual production driven marketing campaign in just two days for Jaeger’s M&S collection, showcasing the future of video and photography

London, 3rd May – Team ITG, the technology-led, marketing activation business, has brought the beach to Birmingham to deliver a state-of-the-art extended virtual production marketing campaign for fashion retailer Jaeger.

The video and photography shoot took place at Team ITG’s Capture production studio in Birmingham, using their 10m x 3m virtual production screen to create fully functioning locations screens of the beach, countryside, a garden party and London’s Mews Street to form Jaeger’s British road trip concept shoot.

Utilising virtual production, the shoot was completed in just two days, showcasing the future of sustainability-driven marketing campaigns by reducing carbon footprint from travelling across the world, bringing stunning sets into the studio.

James Chittenden, Creative Officer and MD of Capture for Team ITG said: “Virtual and extended reality productions are set to be transformational tools for the future of marketing, enabling high complexity, high-cost campaigns to be made simple in one location at Capture in a more cost-efficient way. Eliminating the need to fly products and models out to exotic locations is a huge benefit for brands driven by sustainability, making campaigns easier, more efficient, and climate-friendly at a time when budgets are being squeezed.”

The Jaeger shoot produced stills and moving image content for their WW and MW ranges to be launched across all key customer touchpoints including store windows, in-store point of sales, online and digital channels.

Lawrence Christensen, Head of Marketing Brands at Jaeger and M&S, said: “Content-rich campaigns are highly sought after by retailers with a constant need to keep consumers engaged across all channels, physical and digital. The ability to produce and localise large volumes of content quickly and efficiently from a two-day shoot is hugely beneficial and the Capture virtual production studio enables the customisation and creativity our campaign needed. The state-of-the-art Capture facility is a marketer’s dream, helping creative teams to bring their ideas to life and produce eye-catching content, all in one place.”

Capture’s virtual production & XR studios plug into ITG’s Storyteq marketing technology and end-to-end creative services, enabling greater collaboration, scalability of assets, and activation of localised content for fast go-to-market campaigns.

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