TDM Group Collaborates with Arqaam Capital to Forge ArqNeT – A Game-Changing Electronic Trading Infrastructure Linking Europe and MENA Markets

TDM Group, the global managed business IT service provider, has played a pivotal role in the development of ArqNeT, a groundbreaking trading infrastructure created in collaboration with Arqaam Capital. This cutting-edge platform facilitates electronic trading between Europe and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) markets, offering Arqaam Capital’s institutional clients unparalleled speed, intelligence, and security across more than 50 global exchanges.

TDM Group and Arqaam Capital have nurtured a close partnership spanning over 16 years, focusing on enhancing the technological capabilities that underpin Arqaam Capital’s services. Arqaam Capital, a specialist broker in emerging markets and MENA financial services for DFSA-regulated institutional clients, harboured a clear vision of becoming the foremost conduit for stock market trading in the MENA region through digital transformation. This vision has materialised in the form of ArqNeT, a best-in-class trading infrastructure co-created with TDM Group.

TDM Group’s foundational role in constructing this transformative infrastructure has paved the way for institutional clients in Europe to execute trades in the MENA markets with unprecedented efficiency. Through a centralised control mechanism, trade execution in the MENA markets has accelerated, often achieving speeds up to three times faster.

Tarek Meliti, CEO of TDM Group, elaborated on the collaboration: “Arqaam Capital’s willingness to embrace change through digital transformation allowed us to work in partnership with them from both a business and technology perspective. We helped them to establish a technical strategy that aligned with their business goals. This provided the foundation for the development of a stable and compliant infrastructure that delivers rapid access to emerging market exchanges for major financial institutions in Europe.”

ArqNeT supplants existing third-party infrastructures employed by institutional clients, offering them secure and intelligent access via a centralised private network. This network intelligently directs trade messages to the relevant MENA exchanges, thereby enhancing trade performance by a remarkable margin of up to 75%.

Amr Elshamy, Managing Director and Head of Electronic Trading and Global Execution at Arqaam Capital, emphasised the advantages of ArqNeT: “ArqNeT has transformed Arqaam’s electronic trading platform into the leading destination for inbound MENA electronic order flow, providing best in class infrastructure, empowered by low latency and high resiliency, ensuring best execution for our clients.”

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