Swype® Triumphs in Yorkshire’s Competitive Market with 40% Growth

Swype®, a leading design and marketing agency based in Yorkshire, has defied market trends by achieving an extraordinary 40% growth in the last 18 months. This period has seen a significant increase in turnover, customer base diversification, team expansion, and a move to a new prestigious Head Office in Leeds, maintaining their presence in Sheffield.

The agency has garnered multiple accolades, including the Clutch Global 1000 B2B Leaders, DNA Paris Design Awards 2023, the Global Web Excellence Awards 2023, and being named Yorkshire Prestige’s Branding Agency of the Year 2023/24. They’ve also been recognised among the Clutch Top 100 SEO and Creative Agencies in the UK.

Founder and Head of Digital, Wesley Ashton Holmes, commented: “It’s been a challenging period for us but ultimately generating growth, enhancing our reputation and delivering an unbeatable service is what Swype® stands for.” Swype® has succeeded by offering an extensive range of services delivered in a manner that attracts companies to engage with Wesley and his team.

The agency’s multi-disciplinary approach, combining creative thinking and digital marketing expertise in Branding, Websites, and Digital Marketing, sets them apart. Their personalised and collaborative method ensures that both design and marketing teams work in unison towards client goals, a quality often missing in their competitors.

Wesley’s hands-on management of client relationships guarantees a tailored service. The agency’s result-oriented approach, with impressive returns on investments and advertising spends, further cements their reputation.

Swype® stays dynamic, adapting strategies to meet customer aspirations and market changes. Their diverse portfolio spans various sectors, reflecting their growing stature and accolades.

Wesley attributes their success to hard work and an innovative, customer-focused approach. The agency specialises in Branding, Websites, SEO, and Paid Marketing, avoiding a diluted service range.

Founded by Wesley Ashton Holmes at 25, with his background in web design and qualifications from Sheffield Hallam University and the Digital Marketing Institute, Swype® has flourished both creatively and commercially.

The team’s diverse skill set and customer-centric approach have been crucial in elevating the business. With a strong pipeline of new business and initiatives like the £1500 start-up grant, Swype®’s future looks promising. Plans include a new London office and a US expansion, with their recent UK teeth whitening brand client poised to enter the US market in partnership with Swype® in 2024. To apply, contact the team on their website or email directly.

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