Spyscape Launches Team Building Programme in NYC Crafted by CIA & MI6 Trainers

SPYSCAPE, NYC’s top-rated museum and experience co-designed with a Head of Training at MI6, has launched a new team-building programme designed with a senior trainer from the CIA to elevate team performance.

SPYSCAPE’s mission is to inspire people to uncover their hidden strengths. The brand is now extending its mission from individuals to teams by combining an interactive experience where participants test their skills in authentic immersive spy challenges with a new team workshop that helps participants apply CIA best practices to improve performance in the workplace.

In the new team-building experience, participants spend 90-120 minutes exploring the covert world of secrets, unleashing their inner spy as they crack codes, detect lies and dodge lasers. These challenges deliver each participant an authentic 40-page profile (designed by a former Head of Training at MI6) which details their personality, skills and attributes, plus the real-world spy role they’re best suited to. Team members then meet for a 60-minute workshop discussion where they learn tactics from a senior CIA operations officer and trainer, including how to leverage their unique skills and characteristics in order to improve workplace performance and communication.

Olivia Brooks Allan, Executive Vice President at Landmark Ventures, said: “SPYSCAPE has elevated team development. What sets it apart is the direct involvement of MI6 and CIA experts, providing unique insights that help enrich professional skills. SPYSCAPE has combined fun and excitement with hands-on learning experiences and tangible, practical skills.”

Since the programme’s initial beta-testing earlier this year, SPYSCAPE has helped dozens of teams from finance, law, and tech companies to communicate and collaborate more effectively while enjoying the bonding benefits of a thrilling shared experience. Most importantly, they received unique, actionable insight on how their individual strengths and personality attributes can add value to their organisation and enrich interpersonal relationships.

The SPYSCAPE team-building experience is now available from $100 per person (minimum of $1,500) and includes light snacks and refreshments as well as a complimentary gift for each participant. Teams can book their experience online now at spyscape.com/teams.

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