Shared Advisory Revolutionizes Consultancy for Sharing Economy Start-ups

A groundbreaking consultancy model has launched today, offering sharing economy and marketplace start-ups and scale-ups unprecedented access to a diverse panel of expert advisors. This innovative approach, introduced by Shared Advisory, shatters the traditional one-size-fits-all advisory model and instead embraces the very principles it advocates.

Traditionally, start-ups and scale-ups would engage one or two advisors or Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) to provide occasional board-level support over an extended period. As a flexible alternative to this rigid commitment to a single advisor, Shared Advisory provides a lean and adaptable panel of global experts, available for anything from a quick 20-minute consultation to a comprehensive in-depth discussion.

Shared Advisory works directly with start-ups and scale-ups and is endorsed by venture capitalists (VCs) to ensure a substantial return on investment. Backed by an extensive network of specialist consultants, it also assists larger organisations in navigating specialised transformational changes. This could involve a sharing economy platform or marketplace, or a conventional organisation looking to integrate sharing economy principles.

The sharing economy model introduces unique complexities, along with a distinct level of both risk and opportunity. Harnessing these opportunities, effectively addressing challenges, and minimising risks can be pivotal in determining the trajectory of a start-up.

Juliet Eccleston, a member of Shared Advisory, commented: “One person can’t solve the thousands of challenges a start-up faces. I see too many start-ups with limited resources rely on one or two individuals. The panel we have is incredible and I know that the difference we make will alter the trajectory of so many businesses. As a founder myself, the idea of this team having my back is extraordinary.”

Services offered by Shared Advisory encompass flexible board-level advisory support, crisis management and recovery for start-ups, oversight and risk management for investment firms, pre-investment engagement to secure funding, and strategic support for international expansion.

The panel comprises experts who have worked at renowned organisations such as Airbnb, Meta, LinkedIn, Bolt, and Depop. It includes founders, authors, BAFTA nominees, veterans, MBEs, government advisors, and university professors.

The panel’s expertise spans various domains, including crisis management and recovery, M&A, investment, finance, law, AI, technology, cybersecurity, branding, marketing, HR, carbon footprint expertise, trust and safety, risk management, and insurance. Although launched from the UK, Shared Advisory’s geographical coverage already extends to Europe, the US, and Asia.

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