Shabs Rahman Recognised as a Leading Business Consultant for 2023-2024, Pioneering Disruptive Strategies for Unprecedented Success

In today’s rapidly changing market environment, businesses face unprecedented challenges marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). However, businesses can find solace and guidance in the expertise of renowned consultant, Shabs Rahman. With his exceptional ability to navigate VUCA situations and cultivate strong personal brands for businesses, Shabs has emerged as a top consultant to watch in 2023-2024. With a background in MSc in International Business and Project Management and a wealth of experience, Shabs has achieved remarkable results, delivering over $1 million in sales for his recent clients within a year.

As a senior strategist, Shabs has successfully provided consultation across various niches, ranging from e-commerce product-based companies operating on platforms like AmazonTM to global digital marketing agencies such as Rudy Mawer at Mawer Capital, which boasts an impressive portfolio of A-list celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, and Richard Branson.

Shabs has a proven track record of helping business owners increase their return on investment (ROI) while expanding their reach. Through high-ticket closing strategies, he has generated over $500,000 within two to four months. His expertise has also earned him the prestigious “Best Innovative Product” award for his own start-up venture. Additionally, Shabs has assisted numerous start-ups in successfully launching and expanding into new regions in both the UK and the US.

These achievements can be attributed to Shabs’s comprehensive mentoring approach, which involves assisting businesses in crafting business plans from the initial stages to launch. With his guidance, meticulous planning, and effective implementation strategies, new businesses have reaped substantial rewards, generating over half a million dollars in a matter of months. Shabs is recognised as a “disruptor strategist” with the unique ability to provide businesses with a competitive edge in their respective niches.

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