Reghunters Launches as a Novel Online Venture Specialising in Exclusive Vehicle Registration Plates in North West Region

An innovative online enterprise has recently been introduced in the North West region, focusing on the sale of exclusive vehicle registration plates. proudly claims to possess the most extensive compilation of private number plates, boasting an impressive selection of over 63 million plates available for purchase. The company is headquartered in the captivating town of Blackpool, located in Lancashire.

This unique platform establishes itself as the most affordable retailer of number plates across the United Kingdom, offering plates starting as low as £25 plus VAT, with an additional DVLA transfer fee of £80.

The business operates a user-friendly website that allows customers to effortlessly browse through their desired number plate combinations, while providing transparent pricing information devoid of any hidden charges.

The visionary behind Reghunters is Jon Kirkbright, a seasoned professional with more than 11 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, Kirkbright has observed that customers acquire private number plates for a myriad of reasons, such as gift-giving or as replacements for original plates that have been duplicated.

Kirkbright explains, “When it comes to purchasing a private number plate, there is a fundamental rule to remember: it cannot create the illusion of a younger vehicle than it actually is.”

He further adds, “We feature registrations that are timeless and can be affixed to vehicles of any age. If there is any uncertainty, we offer complimentary expert advice, encouraging customers to reach out to us.”

Apart from their extensive range of number plates, Reghunters also provides a complimentary valuation service for individuals who already own private number plates.

Kirkbright encourages plate owners to inquire about the current value of their investments, as there is a possibility that their initial investment may have doubled within a span of three years.

He elaborates, “I firmly believe that private number plates should double in value every three to five years. Investing in a private plate is an excellent choice, as their value tends to appreciate over time.”

The free valuation service has garnered immense popularity for Reghunters, with approximately 250 valuation requests being processed on a daily basis.

Jon emphasises, “We receive 250 valuation requests each day, which we diligently evaluate to determine the offer price for stocking purposes, as well as the expected retail price.”

RegHunters also extends a registration transfer service, streamlining the process for customers who wish to switch plates on their vehicles. The service only requires the submission of a single document.

Jon explains, “Our proficient team at RegHunter takes care of all the registration transfer paperwork with the DVLA. To facilitate the transfer of the private number plate to the desired vehicle, all you need to do is send us your V5, and in most cases, the process is completed within 7 days.”

With an eye on expansion, RegHunters has plans to grow its team and potentially generate local employment opportunities in the Blackpool area. Jon seeks to hire an individual with sales and administrative experience, preferably from the automotive industry.

For more information, please visit or explore their dedicated Facebook page.

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