Recognizing Excellence in Health and Wellbeing: The 2023 Health and Wellbeing Awards

Business Awards UK proudly presents the 2023 Health and Wellbeing Awards, celebrating outstanding contributions in the fields of health and wellness. These awards honor the individuals and organizations that are leading the way by offering innovative solutions, exceptional services, and a commitment to promoting overall wellbeing.

2023 Health and Wellbeing Awards Winners

  • 4e Clinic: Best Massage Salon, Best Customer Experience
  • ADHD Direct: Triumph Over Adversity
  • C2-Ai: Best Use Of Technology
  • Lake House Kent: Best Wellbeing Retreat, Best Team Building Retreat
  • Laura G Therapy Ltd: Most Positive Community Impact
  • The Nutrition Consultant Ltd.: Most Influential On Social Media
  • Healthy Stuff: Best Company to Work For
  • Proofpoint: Best Employee Wellness Programme

2023 Health and Wellbeing Awards Finalists

  • Laura G Therapy Ltd: Best Health And Wellbeing Coach
  • Deeper Connections UK: Most Positive Community Impact
  • Healthy Stuff: Best Use Of Technology
  • Academy HQ: Most Positive Community Impact
  • Pretty Heavy Lifters: Best Health And Wellbeing Coach, Triumph Over Adversity

2023 Health and Wellbeing Awards Individual Award Winners & Finalists

  • Winner: Caroline Sargent, BOUNCE Coaching & Development Ltd: Best Health And Wellbeing Coach

The 2023 Health and Wellbeing Awards winners have demonstrated not only their expertise in their respective fields but also their unwavering commitment to innovation, community, and holistic wellness. 4e Clinic’s evolution from a nutritionist practice to a comprehensive health establishment showcases the power of diversification and passion. ADHD Direct’s mission to raise awareness and provide unparalleled support for ADHD and Autism exemplifies the essence of community care. C2-Ai’s pioneering work in AI-backed systems is transforming patient care globally, while Lake House Kent stands as a testament to resilience, transformation, and the significance of mental well-being. Laura G Therapy’s wide range of holistic therapeutic offerings and The Nutrition Consultant Ltd’s unique blend of nutritional science and commercial expertise are shaping the future of health and wellbeing.

The finalists have also demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation, reflecting the dynamic landscape of the health and wellbeing sector. From Healthy Stuff’s global outreach and mission to create a healthier, happier world to Proofpoint’s groundbreaking contributions to cybersecurity and compliance, these establishments are pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks. This year’s awards not only celebrate achievements but also underscore the importance of dedication, innovation, and community in promoting holistic health.

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