Recognising the Unstoppable Self-Starters of the Freelance Industry: The UK Freelancer Awards

The UK Freelancer Awards, presented by Business Awards UK, celebrate the trailblazing and entrepreneurial professionals who are redefining industries and pushing the boundaries in the dynamic realm of freelance work.

Winners of the 2022 Freelancer Awards: Attila Szelei – Notable Project Award, Big Impact Award, Best B2C Freelancer Award Beatriz Jardim – Best Freelancer Award Helen Hill – Health Wellbeing Award, Sustainable Freelancer Award, Rising Star Hello Simon – Digital Freelancer Award, UK Freelancer Best Website Laura Potter – Young Freelancer Award Lorna Simpson – Newcomer Freelancer Award Motion Videos – Creative Freelancer Award, Best B2B Freelancer Award WooExpert – Global Freelancer Award Yavin Ltd – Professional Services Freelancer Award

Finalists of the 2022 Freelancer Awards: Attila Szelei – Creative Freelancer Award, Digital Freelancer Award Beatriz Jardim – Professional Services Freelancer Award, Best B2B Freelancer Award Helen Hill – Best Freelancer Award Lorna Simpson – Best Freelancer Award

The winners of the 2022 Freelancer Awards showcased their exceptional skills and unwavering commitment, leaving an indelible mark on their respective industries. From Attila Szelei’s noteworthy projects and significant impact to Beatriz Jardim’s outstanding freelancing prowess, each winner exemplified excellence in their field. Helen Hill’s dedication to health, wellbeing, sustainability, and her rising star status impressed the judges, while Hello Simon’s digital expertise and exceptional website design rightfully earned recognition. Laura Potter’s talent as a young freelancer and Lorna Simpson’s promising debut were also celebrated. Motion Videos’ creative brilliance in the B2B sector, WooExpert’s global reach, and Yavin Ltd’s professional services all received commendation for their exemplary contributions.

The finalists of the 2022 Freelancer Awards demonstrated exceptional talent and were acknowledged for their remarkable achievements. Attila Szelei’s prowess in the creative and digital spheres, Beatriz Jardim’s excellence in professional services and B2B freelancing, Helen Hill’s overall brilliance, and Lorna Simpson’s commendable work positioned them as frontrunners in their respective categories.

The UK Freelancer Awards serve as a platform to celebrate and recognise the remarkable accomplishments of these freelancers, who have embraced the challenges and embraced the freedom of working independently. Their dedication, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit continue to inspire and elevate the freelance industry as a whole.

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