Real Estate Tycoon Unveils the Secret to His Success After Transforming Career from Gasoline Pumps to a $100 Million Property Empire

Real estate mogul Jack Guttman has defied expectations, elevating himself from a background in gasoline pumps to a staggering $100 million property empire in an unprecedented success story. The visionary entrepreneur, renowned for GlassHouse, his multi-million-pound brand, has shared the unconventional journey that led him to remarkable success.
Jack Guttman’s journey began with humble roots – a college graduate with an economics degree, he embarked on a career as a salesperson for a glass and mirror company. Subsequently, he transitioned to Texaco, where he honed the skills of building “something from nothing” while developing petrol pumps. This invaluable experience laid the foundation for Guttman’s foray into the real estate industry.
“It all started from there, really,” Guttman explained. “I didn’t know too much about the real estate industry back then, but buying and renovating gas stations got me into it. I learned how to create something out of nothing.”
Post-Texaco, Guttman ventured into single-family subdivision building in Tampa, marking the initiation of his independent projects. With strategic partnerships and reinvesting profits, he expanded into apartment and office building construction in multiple cities, experiencing exponential growth.
The turning point came when a friend proposed the idea of hosting an event in a penthouse, inspiring Guttman to create GlassHouse. Utilizing profits from his Tampa project, he opened Glasshouse Chelsea in Manhattan in 2005, setting the stage for his future success.
GlassHouse’s unique concept of transforming unused hotel spaces into opulent meeting rooms became a game-changer. The company, charging up to $200,000 a day, has hosted elite brands like Apple and TikTok, along with high-profile celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Lindsey Lohan.
Guttman’s venues are distinguished by cutting-edge technology, 40-ft ceilings, and rooftop bars. Describing his approach, Guttman stated, “I don’t just seize opportunities, I create them. My buildings are like no others, and I’ve put my stamp in a market which, we are told, is going the other way.”
The success story continues with the recent launch of GlassHouse’s third venue, GH on the Park, in 2023. Guttman is expanding into new frontiers, introducing a 50-acre retreat for high-profile weddings, aiming to provide a space where dreams can become reality.
“It’s not just a building; it’s a legacy,” Guttman emphasized.

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