Pxlbake Unveils New Website for User-Friendly Virtual Tour Software

In today’s evolving real estate and training sectors, the immersive virtual tour has been a luxury mainly afforded by well-resourced, large corporations. However, this changes with the UK-based Pxlbake‘s launch of a new website dedicated to its straightforward virtual tour software, democratizing this powerful tool for professionals and small enterprises alike.

Pxlbake’s newly launched website serves as the premier platform for crafting engaging virtual tours and walkthroughs. It offers features such as customisable hotspots, interactive maps, and floor plans, empowering users from various industries to enhance their marketing and sales strategies significantly.

Offering a complimentary package, Pxlbake is set on making virtual tour technology more user-friendly and accessible than ever. Users can effortlessly upload their 360° imagery, tailor these to their requirements, and edit without constraints to start leveraging the benefits of immersive virtual tours.

Matthew Evans, the visionary behind Pxlbake, states, “After much preparation, we’re proud to launch the new Pxlbake website. We recognise the significant impact an immersive virtual tour can have whether you’re selling property, training employees, or showcasing a venue, and we wanted to help bring this technology to as many people as possible.

“As the quality and capabilities of technology continue to increase, so should its accessibility. We have worked to make Pxlbake as user friendly and intuitive as possible, meaning there are now no financial or technical barriers standing in the way of anyone with an interest in virtual tour technology.”

The platform’s meticulously designed dashboard facilitates seamless management of your virtual tours, allowing for the addition of new projects, modification of existing ones, and project suspension as necessary.

Pxlbake’s virtual tour software, complete with a Forever Free plan and premium options for enhanced features and project management, consolidates all necessary tools in one accessible location.

For additional information on Pxlbake and to explore the new website, please visit www.pxlbake.com.

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