Ceo of Prosper Ceo Nick Perrett. Ceo of Prosper Ceo Nick Perrett.

Prosper’s Surpasses Crowd Funding Expectations Raising Over £785,000

Prosper’s Crowdfund Surpasses Expectations, Attracting Strong Support from Monzo Founder

Prosper, a new innovative player in the wealth industry, has exceeded all projections for its ongoing crowdfund campaign. The company has not only met but surpassed its funding target, securing an impressive £785,000 with over a week still remaining in the fundraising drive.

Backed by notable figures in the fintech sector, Prosper has garnered attention from key influencers, including Tom Blomfield, founder and former CEO of the renowned digital bank Monzo. Reflecting on the significance of community support, Blomfield emphasized the pivotal role played by crowdfunding in Monzo’s growth. Drawing parallels between the two, he remarked, “Like Monzo, Prosper is a customer champion brand shaking up the wealth industry. As I invested in Prosper, it became clear that speaking to the community would also play a part in their journey. It’s only the beginning, but I’m excited to help more people prosper!”

Monzo, a trailblazer in its own right, witnessed a groundbreaking success with its first crowdfunding campaign, raising nearly £1 million at a £30 million valuation. Today, Sky News reports Monzo’s valuation at an astounding “around £4 billion.” As Prosper continues its own crowdfunding initiative, currently closing in on Monzo’s initial fundraising triumph, expectations are high for a similar trajectory.

Founder and CEO of Prosper, Nick Perrett, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from the community, stating, “We’ve been blown away by the demand we’ve seen from our community. It’s a testament to the value we can create building a customer-championing business in the world of saving and investing.”

With a word of caution regarding the high-risk nature of the investment, Perrett advised potential investors, “Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.”

As the crowdfund campaign enters its final stretch, all eyes are on Prosper, eager to witness the culmination of this unexpected surge in support and the potential impact on the company’s trajectory in the wealth industry.

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