Pop Specs Eyewear Venture Wins Over Dragons’ Den Investors

In a remarkable achievement, Pop Specs, an eyewear venture started by Lina Tejoprayitno and Daniel Barnes, has secured substantial investment following their appearance on Dragons’ Den. The duo, who founded Pop Specs in 2020, have a shared vision to revolutionise the eyewear industry by offering affordable and accessible options.

Pop Specs kiosks are becoming a familiar sight in UK shopping malls, offering an eclectic mix of trendy, funky, and classic eyewear, starting at £75. The brand stands out for its quick service, providing lenses to customers in just 20 minutes.

Dragons Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman, and Sara Davies each offered to invest £25,000 for a 4% stake in Pop Specs. This investment is set to fuel Lina and Daniel’s ambitious expansion plans.

Lina Tejoprayitno expressed her insight on the eyewear market: “Buying glasses can be expensive and time consuming, with the average pair of glasses costing £150 and it can take up to two weeks for lenses to be developed. Today’s customers are looking for quality, affordability and speed which is what Pop Specs can provide.”

The £75,000 investment from the Dragons will aid Pop Specs in establishing its online presence, expanding across the UK, and opening new kiosks in supermarkets in addition to shopping malls.

Peter Jones praised the duo, describing them as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and expressing his eagerness to work with them. Similarly, Sara Davies recognised the potential of Pop Specs, stating she saw ‘not a single reason not to make an offer to invest in this business’.

Daniel Barnes reflected on the experience: “I’d like to say it was easy to secure the investment, but it wasn’t – it’s brutal! We’re delighted to be leaving the Den with three Dragons on board which is just incredible, and we’re excited about what’s coming next for us.”

For further information about Pop Specs, please visit pop-specs.com.

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